Data Analytics

Data-driven optimization in e-commerce for more growth

  • AI solutions and data analytics from a single source
  • Optimize assortment, pricing, sales and bundling for more sales and contribution margin
  • Fast ROI through iterative approach

Ensure your e-commerce success through data-driven process optimization

Competitive pressure has increased rapidly in e-commerce, presenting many retailers with major challenges. That is why it is now important to sustainably reduce costs on the one hand and significantly improve the customer experience on the other.

plusserver and niologic offer you the combined expertise of experienced specialists. With the help of individual AI solutions, we support you in drawing concrete added value from your data and optimizing your processes in a data-driven manner.


AI and data solutions from niologic & plusserver - your advantages at a glance


Big Data expertise

Together with our cooperation partner niologic, we offer you comprehensive Big Data analyses in our cloud. All you have to do is "bring along" your data. We advise you comprehensively and evaluate your data to control your marketing campaigns or your pricing and sales strategy.


Gain knowledge

We analyze your e-commerce data and make the contained knowledge usable for you. Based on our data analysis and AI algorithms, we give you concrete recommendations on how to optimize your individual processes in marketing, logistics and category management.


Fit for the future

Our data analytics and AI solutions support you in improving the shopping experience for your customers and reducing your costs in the long term. Your investment will pay off after just a few months. By automating the analyses, you can make decisions on the market faster and set yourself apart from the competition.


All from one source

We provide you with a complete solution for AI, data science and machine learning from a single source: data analytics and AI solution, infrastructure and operation.

Want to learn more about AI and data analytics in e-commerce?

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All optimization potentials at a glance

  • Online distribution
  • 360° customer analysis
  • Warehouse Management
  • Picking throughput
  • Shipping Management
  • AI and Data Science made easy

Online distribution

Optimize your assortment, adjust prices automatically, and systematically increase your contribution margin through composite sales.

  • Our Big Data analyses provide you with valuable information about which products your customers really want and how they influence your sales in the long term.
  • Based on this data, you can use dynamic pricing to adjust your prices to market demand, perform automated price calculations, as well as focused pricing.
  • You will also gain a better understanding of your customers' buying behavior: Make concrete cross-selling and upselling suggestions based on the individual shopping cart.

360° customer analysis

Get to know your customers better and understand their specific needs. Put our artificial intelligence (AI) and smart analytics solutions to work for you. Build AI-based customer segmentations and analyze customer needs.


  • Introduce marketing analytics - systematic customer engagement measures.
  • Automated personalized offers and newsletters or exclusive discount promotions.
  • Analyze common reasons for complaints.
  • Identify which customers are most important to you based on your data.
  • Get automated follow-ups for your composite sales. So you already know today what your customers want to buy tomorrow and how much potential customers will buy.

Warehouse Management

Intelligently optimize and synchronize purchasing, warehousing, sales management, and marketing.


  • Use AI for intelligent sales planning. Forecast customer requirements to plan ahead, optimize your purchasing planning and always have the right quantity of goods in stock.
  • Optimize your warehouse management and electronic warehouse for ideal utilization of your warehouse space.
  • Introduce availability displays and forecasts to provide your customers with information about your delivery times at all times.
  • Synchronize sales planning, sales and marketing through intelligent sales control between logistics and sales.

Picking throughput

Design optimal processes for order fulfillment, quality assurance, throughput, and workforce planning.

  • Monitor and optimize your logistics costs and choose the best possible queueing strategy.
  • Optimize your costs thanks to intelligent personnel scheduling for picking and QA and design your personnel costs optimally even in growth phases.
  • Optimize your throughput of goods by using robotic picks.
  • Relieve the burden on quality control and reduce returns with AI-based assistance systems and cameras during picking.
  • Detect bottlenecks at an early stage and intelligently optimize your throughput and the entire logistics process.

Shipping Management

Keep shipping costs under control and effectively monitor cooperation with your carriers.

  • Intelligent analysis of your data helps optimize your shipping costs and keep your costs under control despite growth.
  • You can also effectively monitor the service agreements of parcel suppliers, thereby strengthening your customers' satisfaction or making systematic use of SLA credits.
  • Introduce automated delivery notifications. This will help you avoid parcel losses on the one hand and strengthen your customers' shopping experience on the other.

AI and Data Science made easy

You lack the resources and the time? Or the right start? No problem! Just use our customized AI and Data Science as a Service.

  • We build an AI and data science team for you and bring it into the business departments via Tribal Leadership.
  • We integrate all your corporate and marketing data into one platform.
  • Data Science Workbench for later self-service already preconceived.
  • You always keep an eye on the competition as well as your customer interactions.
  • Thanks to automation and powerful data technology, you can evaluate even large data sets easily and quickly.
  • Your warehouse management system is also easily integrated into the platform.
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Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Simply use AWS and leave the 24/7 operation of your environment to us - including monitoring and incident handling.
Click & collect, mobile payment, digital touchpoints - brick-and-mortar retail is undergoing a digital transformation more than ever before.
Managed Cloud
Managed cloud service providers relieve companies of routine tasks and enable optimal cloud utilization right from the start.
Public Cloud
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