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Secure hosting - exclusively in Germany, if requested

The comprehensive security measures in place at our data centres guarantee that all data is protected from theft or damage caused by environmental influences. All data centres are monitored by staff 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. In addition, entrance areas, outdoor spaces and all sensitive areas within the facility are monitored by cameras.

A modern access control system, based on two-factor authentication, only allows authorised persons into the building. Guards conduct regular patrols for additional inspections. UPS systems and voltage filters, as well as redundant diesel generators ensure constant power supply to the server and infrastructure.

A total of several thousand kVA per data centre is available for emergency power. The climate control with energy-efficient air-conditioning units, supported by cold aisle containment, means the servers and infrastructure always operate in an optimum temperature range. The building management technology also continuously monitors all critical values.

Safe Harbor Ruling: exclusive webinar and free whitepaper

Press release: secure data storage in Germany

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Edward Snowden at WHD.global

  • Edward Snowden at WHD.global: “Hosters should protect the interests of their customers.”
  • Hosting and cloud solutions from Germany as an alternative to US cloud services.
  • PlusServer offers data centres in Germany and supports companies during migration.

Update: whitepaper on Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield

Download whitepaper now

Download whitepaper now

  • What is the Safe Harbor Agreement and why has it been overturned by the ECJ?
  • What does the EU-US Privacy Shield promise as a successor agreement?
  • Why should companies increasingly rely on cloud services in the EU?

Exclusive: whitepaper on EU-US Privacy Shield

Download for free now

Download for free now

  • What does the Safe Harbor successor mean for companies?
  • A realistic alternative to data storage in the EU?
  • Already massive criticism of the new regulation.

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The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): What you should know

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The deadline is May 25, 2018: By this date, all companies that work with personal data must implement the new data protection regulations. However, even though violations are subject to high financial penalties, many companies still don’t have a plan for implementation.

Read the free Whitepaper from RESMEDIA and PlusServer to learn about the new regulations and how you are best prepared. Including DSGVO checklist!

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Colocation at several locations

Do you want to use your own hardware but not bother with operating the data centre infrastructure? Then get in touch with us and discuss server housing in one of our data centres.

Dedicated and lockable 19” racks for your server, including power supply, air conditioning, connection, traffic and 24/7 staff for Remote Hands.

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Maximum data security

Access limitations
Your data is your property - you decide who can have access to it. To guarantee high data security, PlusServer offers:

  • Colocation racks secured with a key or combination lock
  • Private cages available on request
  • Video monitoring system with motion sensors
  • Identity of all visitors checked on-site*
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner and/or access cards with a personal PIN
  • Automatic alarm systems with a direct connection to the security service
  • Security staff round the clock, 365 days a year*

Disaster control
At the necessary locations, PlusServer’s data centres are equipped with measures to protect against high water (pumps, special wastewater pipes) and earthquakes.

Fire protection
To protect the data of our customers from fire damage, all PlusServer data centres are equipped with special precaution, protection and alarm systems. These include:

  • Heat and smoke sensors
  • Sensors for particle analysis
  • Extinguishing systems in several zones

Do you need more security?
We offer floor space in separate fire protection areas within a data centre or, alternatively, at geographically separated locations. Ask about options for optimal disaster recovery solutions.

Redundancy concepts

  • Another fire compartment
  • Another floor
  • Another data centre
  • Location networking

* in selected data centres

Download certificate

We are not just completely convinced of the high level of data security in our data centres - we can prove it too. For example, our information security management system (ISMS) is certified in accordance with ISO 27001. In addition, the PCI DSS certification highlights our exemplary handling of sensitive payment information.


Tested and certified data centres

Various independent institutions confirm the high security and availability of our data centre.

Eco Data centre Star Audit
Green Star
Made in Germany
BSI certification

BSI certification

Security has always been a priority for us. This is why our data centre in Dusseldorf has been certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in accordance with IT basic protection/ISO 27001 since September 2009. The certification confirms the quality of our work and also allows us to continue to verify it in line with official standards.

Your advantages

  • Highest possible availability
  • Better protection against outside attacks (hackers, DoS attack, defacement, etc.)
  • Optimal security, even with sensitive data and the highest requirements
  • Neutral and independent certification body confirms the level of security.

Green hosting: Managed hosting in green data centres

With green hosting from PlusServer, you help to conserve our planet’s resources, while still getting full server performance and the highest availability. PlusServer specialises in flexible and highly accessible managed hosting solutions. We host in certified, energy efficient data centres, such as our datadock in Strasbourg.

Green hosting means an energy saving of 66% in operating the DC infrastructure, such as the cooling. Win over your customers with our green hosting solutions by offering them fast and functional internet applications.

You can also use the environmental factor for your own marketing and to show customers that you use green hosting.

Contact us, we will be happy to give you more details on green hosting.

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Remote hands, also English speaking

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Power efficiency

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Redundant power supply

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Climate control

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Fire fighting system

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Client workspace

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Client lounge

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Free WiFi

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Loading ramp

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Freight elevator

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