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E-Paper Managed AWS

How do medium-sized businesses benefit from AWS with the support of an experienced managed cloud provider? Learn more in the e-paper.

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Whitepaper Multi-Cloud

What is a multi-cloud and how does it differ from a hybrid cloud? Learn more about combining different cloud models.

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Info Sheet PlusCloud

What does a freely scalable public cloud in highly secure data centers have to offer? Read more about what PlusCloud can do for you.

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Case Study AWS Cloud // 1. FC Köln

How a AWS-solution with autoscaling outperforms the previous dedicated-hosting solution at peak times.

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E-Book Azure Application Cases

From the popular LAMP stack to multi-geo and disaster recovery - read the e-book to find out which solutions are possible with Microsoft Azure.

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Certificate ISO 9001 // TÜV Süd

Certification of the quality management system (QMS)

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Case Study Private Cloud // CargoLine

A private cloud solution ensures high availability of online applications at CargoLine.

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Info Sheet Managed Container Services

Achieve platform independence and fast time to market with PlusServer’s Managed Container Services.

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E-Paper Migration // Brexit

Learn more about the migration concept of PlusServer including design of the target architecture according to the motto: Move the data, not the problem.

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Info Sheet E-commerce in the Public Cloud

Typical challenges in e-commerce and how PlusSever can support you with public cloud solutions.

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Whitepaper Container Platforms

What role do containers play in businesses? How can container platforms such as OpenShift facilitate their use? Find the answers in the white paper from our partner Red Hat.

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Info Sheet OpenShift

Container orchestration with Kubernetes plus additional features (CI/CD pipeline etc.) in a complete solution.

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Report State of the Internet Security

Volume 5, Issue 1
Download the latest security report from our partner Akamai and learn more about DDoS trends and facts.

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Report State of the Internet Security

SOTI 2018
Download the latest security report of our partner Akamai and learn more about DDoS trends and facts.

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Whitepaper 5 Steps to the Public Cloud

Best practices for online shops to achieve optimal performance with the Managed Public Cloud.

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Info Sheet Managed Google Cloud

Learn more about the Google Cloud Platform as a future-proof solution - planned and managed by cloud experts.

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Case Study Security //

PlusServer and Akamai ensure a secure online experience at

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Case Study Twin-site Colocation // Midoco

With the help of a two-location strategy and synchronous mirroring, Midoco GmbH benefits from the high availability of its systems.

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Case Study Migration // UDG

Migration of more than 180 UDG United Digital Group systems to PlusServer - more flexibility and less hassle for our customers.

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Study Cloud Orchestration Excellence

German companies are preparing for the parallel use of several cloud platforms. The analysts at Crisp Research have investigated the status quo as well as best practices for Multi Clouds.

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Info Sheet PlusServer as Cloud Optimizer

Learn more about our services as cloud optimizers for your business.

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Info Sheet AWS as Managed Service

Who is it suitable for and what are its advantages?

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Service Level Agreement (EN)

In our Service Level Agreement you will find all guaranteed availabilities, response times, and regulations for maintenance and credit notes.

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General Terms and Conditions (EN)

We render all services exclusively on the basis of these GTC. Please read this document carefully.

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E-Paper Migration to the Cloud

Many companies want to move to the cloud. But how can they do it efficiently? Learn more.

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E-Paper DDoS Protection

What is DDoS and what DDoS mitigation solutions does PlusServer provide?

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Certificate PCI DSS // TÜV Süd

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

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Certificate ISO 27001 // TÜV Süd

Provision of highly available data center capacities including the network connection and its operation.

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Info Sheet Business DDoS Mitigation

Learn more about our DDoS protection with the best price-performance ratio.

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Info Sheet Managed Azure

Read more about Public Cloud from Microsoft as Managed Service.

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E-Book DDoS

The e-book offers interesting facts about the mechanisms of DDoS attacks and presents possibilities for defence.

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Case Study Migration // Renault

Successful migration: Renault Germany's entire extranet was moved from its own data centre to a redundant cluster at PlusServer.

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Report State of the Internet Security

Q4 2017
Download the latest security report from our partner Akamai and learn more about DDoS trends and facts.

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Case Study Virtualization // R+V

The insurance company R+V Versicherung approached us with special requirements regarding scalability and data protection. The solution was a virtualized environment hosted in Germany.

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Case Study OpenStack Cloud // Douglas

The beauty expert Douglas operates his online shop at PlusServer in a cloud environment based on OpenStack.

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Case Study Georedundancy // Verivox

The comparison portal achieves maximum reliability through an identical private cloud setup at two geographically separate locations.

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Case Study Multi-Cloud // Krones

Increasing data volume and global rollout: Read in the case study how Krones AG mastered these challenges with the help of a multi-cloud.

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Case Study Colocation // DAKOSY

DAKOSY provides software solutions for smooth logistics, e.g. at the port of Hamburg. The company operates a backup location in a PlusServer data center.

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Whitepaper Container Technology

What are containers in IT, what do you need them for and what are the latest developments here?

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Whitepaper Efficient Private Cloud

Learn how to run more VMs on a single hardware node to increase the efficiency of a private cloud and reduce costs.

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Whitepaper Logistics Industry

Softship, the leading software provider for liner shipping, relies on external hosting from PlusServer. Find out more about the reasons in the whitepaper.

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