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The European cloud

We support an independent Europe in the cloud

The technological roadmap for a sovereign digital future

The European cloud project GAIA-X aims to secure Europe’s independence and innovative capacity through digital sovereignty. plusserver is involved as a GAIA-X founding member and is also one of the driving forces behind the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) project - an important component of GAIA-X.

The project GAIA-X came about through an initiative of the German government and today brings together representatives of over 300 organisations from many countries. Regarded as one of the most important political and technological projects in Europe, the project is being rigorously promoted.

Why do we need a European cloud?

Many European companies that want to push ahead with digitalisation are currently in the process of becoming digitally dependent. That is because their journey to the cloud tends to lead them to the infrastructures of large cloud providers whose headquarters are located in jurisdictions that do not comply with the GDPR. The problem is that if proprietary applications and innovations, business-critical enterprise software or personal data are stored in these clouds, this raises more than merely data protection issues. Monopolisation is another problem and can restrict a company’s freedom to choose its infrastructure.


Video statement from Dr. Oliver Mauss

During the ministerial talk and virtual GAIA-X expert forum on 4 June 2020, plusserver-CEO Dr. Oliver Mauss spoke about our role in the GAIA-X Society and the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS).

SCS: The technology behind GAIA-X

Open source instead of proprietary technology – Sovereign Cloud Stack members want to leverage open source software to ensure that the project remains independent of third-party rights. This approach permanently excludes any economic or political influence.

But what exactly is a sovereign cloud stack? It is a federated cloud infrastructure, i.e. an amalgamation of several systems that nevertheless remain autonomous and technologically independent. In practice, companies should be able to roll out the new European cloud independently or use it as Infrastructure-as-a-Service with providers such as plusserver. This gives them not only the choice between in-house operation and service management but also the freedom to switch to another cloud at any time. The open source code also gives everyone the opportunity to further develop the SCS software and enhance the added value of GAIA-X.

Open source also in the pluscloud

As part of the further development of the SCS, plusserver will soon be launching the new pluscloud, based on the SCS framework. We believe that when using cloud technology it is not only important to process data securely and responsibly. Safeguards must also be in place to ensure that users do not become dependent: neither on individual cloud providers nor on the economic or political interests of individual countries. True independence is only possible with a cloud stack that is free from any third-party rights. This way, only open source technologies, such as OpenStack, that are based on the technological framework of SCS are used in the new pluscloud.

Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS)

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