Cloud Automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Cloud automation and IaC enable you to accelerate digital transformation and create more agile, faster cloud environments with programmable infrastructures.

Thanks to cloud technology, infrastructure has become a highly flexible platform for companies. They can use it to drive their digitalization and to optimize and automate IT processes, and thus accelerate innovations. By using an infrastructure that is as automated as possible, companies also relieve the burden on their internal IT teams.

Cloud automation includes the automation of infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, and testing and release of software applications in the cloud. In addition, Infrastructure as Code provides the necessary administration concept for a programmable infrastructure.

More competitive thanks to cloud automation

Cloud-native applications and DevOps methods are becoming increasingly popular with companies. Nevertheless, mid-sized companies, for example, are still struggling to match their pace of innovation to that of companies "born in the cloud". This is because, in most cases, these more traditional companies have a mix of legacy and cloud applications and infrastructures in place.

However, with the help of greater cloud automation, they can catch up in competitiveness against cloud-native competitors. To do this, it is first necessary to create the appropriate conditions. These include, for example: the use of cloud resources, the connection of existing IT to the cloud, cloud-native development or the implementation of DevOps principles.

Consistent continuation of automation through IaC

In the next step, the infrastructure needed to run an application can then be completely described in code. Most notably, repeatable processes and recurring manual activities are replaced by scripts. Thus, all resources required to run an application, such as computing power, storage space or network resources, are allocated in executable code. The code can then also be flexibly duplicated, modified or deleted and thus easily and quickly used for multiple-deployment scenarios. Companies can then adapt the required infrastructure resources to their respective requirements in an agile manner without manual intervention.

Through software-driven management of virtual infrastructure resources, IaC enables further automation in the provisioning of infrastructure platforms.

Cloud automation and IaC at plusserver

Configure cloud environments in an agile and scalable way

As a multi-cloud provider, plusserver offers you the possibility to create and use cloud resources according to individual needs in the cloud of your choice. For example, you can obtain them in parallel via our multi-cloud platform, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure. All required elements of the infrastructure, such as storage, computing power or network resources, are abstracted, combined and automated in executable code.

The plusserver-owned cloud resources are available to you either in a DSGVO-compliant manner via our pluscloud in four data centers in Germany, or you can rely on full data sovereignty with our pluscloud open. It is fully based on open-source rather than proprietary technology and thus optimally supports the concept of automation. In addition, you are thus independent of the rights of third parties, of individual cloud providers, and of the economic or political interests of individual countries.

Cloud automation and IaC also offer important advantages when using multi-cloud environments. Therefore, it is important not only to automate and thus accelerate software development, but also to include automation of the infrastructure.

Optimize infrastructures, accelerate application delivery

To describe the infrastructure as code, you can use either dedicated configuration tools like AWS CloudFormation or open source tools like Terraform. By using these configuration languages, one and the same script can then be used to conveniently create infrastructures in any cloud. You can conveniently access your resources via an abstraction layer of the virtualized infrastructure as well as via API interfaces. This will significantly speed up your application deployment. And of course, you only pay for the computing, storage, network and security resources you use. This also allows you to keep an eye on your costs at all times.


Cloud automation and IaC at plusserver offer you more efficiency and flexibility through:

Increased quality and efficiency through automated processes in the cloud

Easy management of all infrastructure components

High elasticity through simplification of complex processes and system adaptivity

Reduced risks through faster deployment of infrastructure and traceability of changes

Relieve IT burden by providing infrastructure via command line or API directly in the cloud

More flexibility through individual allocation of IT resources via code – whether for a single application or a complete data center

Promoting DevOps teams through closer collaboration between development and operations

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Multi-cloud means relying on more than one public cloud provider. Increased performance and fail-safety can be reasons for a multi-cloud.
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