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Managed Kubernetes

Crisp Vendor Universe

Crisp Vendor Universe

plusserver was named as an accelerator in the 2018 Crisp Vendor Universe and is therefore also one of the leading suppliers in the Managed Kubernetes & Container Services sector.

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Agile development and provision of new applications

Many companies now package applications into containers using the Docker container technology. Ever-faster development cycles in heterogeneous environments triggered by the move to agile software development processes require a programmable abstraction of the application's runtime environment from the operating system. The open-source software Kubernetes was developed to meet the need for managing the resulting abundance of containers – their so-called orchestration.

We support you in operating the right infrastructure for your container applications. We also offer you the right tools for container orchestration, which complement the functionality of Kubernetes: two versions of an OpenShift solution, as well as our customised solution – Managed Kubernetes.

Highlights of Kubernetes

  • Container orchestration across various hosts
  • Control and automation of application deployments and updates
  • Fast scaling of containerised applications and their resources
  • Better hardware usage

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Using application virtualisation for Hybrid Cloud environments

Containers can even be used in Hybrid Cloud environments, as they are transportable and compatible across several cloud architectures. Read more in this free whitepaper.

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What are containers?


Containers package up an application and all of the dependencies (libraries, configuration data) needed to run it into a handy comprehensive package, the so-called Container Image. This ensures the application runs in a suitable environment, regardless of whether it’s on the developer’s laptop or at the server farm for the productive environment. Containers can simplify and accelerate the development and rollout of new applications. This can even be fully automated via Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD). We are happy to advise you.

A Container Image can also become the template for many running containers in order to scale applications quickly and efficiently. Splitting a large application into several small units (Microservices) can then provide even more efficient scaling of individual components, e.g. the web frontend or database. This allows you to continuously and automatically react to load fluctuations.

We support you with container virtualisation on the platform of your choice

Icon Public Cloud

Public Clouds such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud provide infrastructure resources (IaaS) optimised for the use of containers. The offer ranges from the hosting of an individual container through to the automated provisioning of a Kubernetes cluster.

As a partner of the big Public Cloud providers, we are happy to work with you to develop an infrastructure solution to suit your needs. Our service ranges from needs analysis and consulting, implementation and migration, right through to operation including regular optimisation.

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Icon Private Cloud

In our cloud platform based on VMware, which we operate in our own German data centres, you receive infrastructure resources for your dedicated container environment to suit your needs. The same applies to our private cloud solutions, which provide you with a dedicated cloud platform.

Our dedicated container virtualisation services range from a simple host with Docker to individually tailored Kubernetes clusters through to the operation of your own exclusive OpenShift platform.

The Business Cloud makes it very easy to connect your applications to existing virtual machines with new cloud-ready components in the container platform.

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Icon Multi-Cloud

As a partner in the success of your applications, we are happy to compile a portfolio of solutions from various platforms that we ourselves and our partners offer. We will of course take all the necessary technical and economic aspects into account to ensure cost-effective, failsafe operation without vendor lock-in.

Containers have the advantage of being easy to move across multiple platforms. With a multi-cloud setup, you will be as flexible as possible and can take advantage of a number of cloud solutions.

Thanks to our broad cloud portfolio, we are able to plan and implement a multi-cloud scenario to suit your needs.

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Container orchestration
with Kubernetes

If you work with containers, you will usually use Kubernetes as well. This is because extensive business applications are made up of more than one container. In addition, this multitude of containers needs to be available on multiple server hosts. This requires a tool for container orchestration, for example, to plan, scale and monitor the condition of the containers as a cluster.

Benefits of containers


For example, for services that are subject to high fluctuations in demand, such as web or database services.


Containers are ideal for sandboxing or other test environments which have to be set up and adjusted often, and quickly.


Each container forms an independent process and can therefore be started and stopped quickly.


Because containers pack the code along with the configuration files and dependencies, they contain all of the tools for them to run consistently in any environment.


With the help of containers, computing resources can be used more efficiently. They provide process isolation, allowing granular CPU and memory utilisation.

plusserver is as an accelerator for Managed Kubernetes & Container Services

The Crisp Vendor Universe - Cloud Computing investigates which trends, requirements and providers are currently shaping the market in five relevant cloud markets. plusserver was classified as an accelerator in the fields of Managed Kubernetes & Container Services, among others.

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