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Managed Kubernetes

The easy way to achieve an agile and efficient IT landscape

Agile provision of your applications in the cloud

Many companies now package applications into containers using the Docker container technology. Ever-faster development cycles in heterogeneous environments triggered by the move to agile software development processes require a programmable abstraction of the runtime environment to use the operating system. The open-source software Kubernetes (K8s) was developed to meet the need for managing the resulting abundance of containers – their so-called orchestration.

However, using Kubernetes is by no means trivial. Orchestration operation requires a lot of know-how, which can be acquired through having internal employees undergo extensive training. Alternatively, there is the option of using Managed Kubernetes as a reliable solution from a single source.

Using application virtualisation for Hybrid Cloud environments

Containers can even be used in Hybrid Cloud environments, as they are transportable and compatible across several cloud architectures. Read more in this free whitepaper.

Download whitepaper now [20.00 KB]

Why Kubernetes as a Service?

If companies use both the infrastructure and the complete Kubernetes solution in the cloud, we also call it Kubernetes as a Service, Container as a Service or a Managed Kubernetes Service. The advantage of this is that you get everything from a single source and drastically reduce the workload of your employees.

This means that Kubernetes as a Service not only helps to reduce the complexity of implementing and maintaining Kubernetes. It also provides cost advantages by using resources in the cloud as required and using Kubernetes particularly efficiently.

Automation and CI/CD with Managed Kubernetes

The automation of processes is one of the main goals that companies associate with using the cloud and containers. K8s as a Managed Service gives you the ideal basis for establishing a CI/CD environment (Continuous Integration /Continuous Delivery). Companies successfully implement the DevOps principle through continuous development, implementation and provision of new features and functions. This leads to a high innovation frequency with lower error rates and ultimately increases your competitive position.

You can also find out more about the optimal use of containers, Kubernetes and DevOps in the “Optimal grip on containers” whitepaper:

Managed Kubernetes in the pluscloud


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to enter the world of Kubernetes and want to make use of all the advantages of containers immediately? With pluscontainer, plusserver offers a comprehensive service - starting from the initial configuration of your container environment to the provision and maintenance of all resources through to having versatile management options based on the open-source Kubernetes distribution, Rancher. Personal consulting and support are also part of the service package.

Find out more here

plusserver is as an accelerator for Managed Kubernetes & Container Services

The Crisp Vendor Universe - Cloud Computing investigates which trends, requirements and providers are currently shaping the market in five relevant cloud markets. plusserver was classified as an accelerator in the fields of Managed Kubernetes & Container Services, among others.

Download the entire study report now [4.79 MB]

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