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Managed GCP

Consulting, support and operation for your Google Cloud Platform

  • 24/7 operation
  • Consulting, implementation and migration
  • Support, monitoring and debugging
Google Cloud Partner

Managed Google Cloud Platform:
Future-proof solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises

Whatever digital project you wish to implement: with the help on hand from a multitude of infrastructure, platform and software services within the Google Cloud Platform, anything is possible. At the same time, it takes a precise knowledge of the individual components to find the right solution for the specific case. You don’t have the opportunity to develop this expertise separately? Your company lacks skilled staff and your internal IT function is already occupied with your core business? Then we offer you exactly the right support with Managed GCP. Our cloud architects support you not just in migrating existing applications, but also in optimising them for cloud use. Even if you have already started your first wave of projects in the Google Cloud, we will be happy to help you expand their use and make them more efficient.

From consulting through to operation:
How we support your project in the Google Cloud


GCP consultation

For SMEs, in particular, the Google Cloud Platform offers exciting opportunities to modernise IT infrastructures and support companies as they undergo their own process of digitalisation. At the same time, the question often arises as to how data and applications are best migrated and which GCP services are ideally suited for the specific application.

We answer these (and many other) questions for you during your tailored consultation.

Consulting and professional services:

  • Certified professional cloud experts
  • Architecture consulting, migration support, security advice and performance optimisation
Project support

GCP project support

The first step into the Google Cloud is not difficult. However, we often receive requests for support as a project continues its course. The reasons are manifold: from a lack of specialist knowledge, to busy employees, to an unending stream of new requirements from a company’s specialist departments. We will be happy to support you with specific questions or the further elaboration and optimisation of your solution.

Consulting and professional services:

  • Certified professional cloud experts
  • Architecture consulting, migration support, security advice and performance optimisation

GCP operation

Once you have put your Google Cloud solution into operation, it is important to permanently monitor, optimise and troubleshoot it in the event of a fault. If you wish, our Google Cloud experts can assist you here and relieve your IT team.

Operational responsibility:

  • 24/7 support, monitoring and debugging in line with the runbook/playbook, patch management
  • Change management (customer orders, troubleshooting, optimisation, backup management)

Why Google Cloud Hosting with plusserver?

We accompany you from every angle on your way into the Google Cloud Platform and beyond. Based on our experience and Best Practice, we can support you in integrating Google Cloud Services quickly, securely and cost-effectively into your company’s IT environment. In particular, we tackle those points where Google itself does not offer managed services – for example, 24/7 operational support, including monitoring, fault clearance, updates and backup.

As an independent Managed Google Cloud Provider, it is our mission to determine the optimal infrastructure for your workloads, and to orchestrate, operate and manage the resources. In addition to the Managed Public Cloud GCP, it is also possible to integrate other managed clouds into your company’s IT landscape. You can also rely on our experts to continuously optimise your setup.

GCP Partner

Agile development:
We relieve you of the burden of operational tasks so that you can focus completely on the development of your core business.

Architecture & system design: We have more than 20 years of experience in cloud and hosting architecture and would be happy to create an individual concept for you.

Reliable expertise: As one of only a few cloud providers in Germany, we offer you the competence of certified Google Cloud Experts.

Secure operation: We provide 24/7 support and ensure that your data is secure and available in the cloud at all times.

Broad service portfolio: We offer you various other cloud solutions to develop a multi-cloud for your needs.

Easy migration: When moving your data and applications to the Google Cloud, we support you true to our motto "Move the data, not the problem".

Independent advice: We advise you independently and at eye level in order to develop a sustainable solution for you and to avoid vendor dependency.

Continuous optimization: Regular reviews of new features, costs and performance of the Google Cloud solution.

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Especially for IoT, Big Data or Machine Learning, the Google Cloud offers many ready-to-use solutions. But it is also suitable as a reliable platform for global e-commerce or modern websites. Florian Weigmann, Chief Product Officer

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Managed Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform


Those who want to make use of the full potential of the Cloud rely on container technology and orchestration with the help of Kubernetes. With our pluscontainer product, we have also developed a solution for you in the Google Cloud: use an infrastructure managed by plusserver that is optimised for container use, and all the necessary tools based on our best practices. Managed Kubernetes on GCP based on the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). It gives you optimised, Cloud-native development with a high level of automation and stability.

Use GCP Managed Kubernetes, among others:

Rapid deployment of environments

Authentication via Google Cloud IAM and authorisation via Kubernetes RBAC

Monitoring and alerting (Uptime and Restart Count)

Pod Logging (Google Operations)

Loadbalancer Integration

Ingress Controller

Persistent Volume Claim

Google Kubernetes Dashboard

Greater freedom through GCP Serverless services


Utilise the serverless services from Google together with us, in order to render your processes even more agile and concentrate entirely on creating your code. This is because the infrastructure behind it is provided on an event-driven and automatic basis. Services such as Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Run, Cloud Scheduler or Cloud Build play a vital role here. We will be happy to advise you on which serverless service you can use for which purpose and assist you with its uninterrupted operation.

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Google Cloud as Managed Service

Managed Google Cloud Platform offers future-proof solutions for digital enterprises.

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