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The Hardware Cloud for the highest performance

Dedicated servers with flexible cloud conditions

Case study on media hosting and streaming

Providing Ultra-HD videos requires a large amount of CPU power. This is provided by the newest generation of processors from Intel.

Robin Meijerink, Managing Director, Headtrip
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The bare metal cloud without virtualisation

The Hardware Cloud (also referred to as a Bare Metal Cloud) is a cloud without the underlying hypervisor, i.e. without virtualisation. You receive an accurate hourly bill for the active time you utilise. When you enable one of the servers from your pool of resources, this is fully automated. As you can turn off the server via APIs, you always keep a firm grip on the reins.

The basic technical idea of the Hardware Cloud is to use the native hardware resources to make them flexibly available through an API. The servers, which are available as hardware nodes for the setup, are supplied with operating system templates though this API using PXE.

The Hardware Cloud is ideal for performance-critical applications because all hardware resources are available to the end user. High-performance computing (HPC) setups can be implemented.

Functions of the REST-API

Swagger framework

(Client generation possible)

Several API users possible per setup

API calls

  • Contract: Start & Stop
  • Server: Start & Stop
  • Reboot
  • Access remote console (iLO)
  • Overview of all servers
  • Metrics consumed
  • Activation and deactivation hrs.
  • Monitoring (TCP check)
  • Boot of a standard OS (PXE)
Download the case study now

Virtual Reality: time-saving encoding and HD live streaming

For our customer, Headtrip, PlusServer developed a Managed Hosting solution that allows high resolution videos to be converted quickly and then streamed to 48,000 viewers.

Download the case study now


You receive an accurate hourly bill for the active time you utilise when you activate a server from your resource pool. As you can turn off the server via APIs, you always keep a firm grip on the reins.

The costs of the Hardware Cloud are based on the hardware used and are therefore individually different. The following points serve as a guide:

  • Basic monthly fee (per rack/installed server)
  • Variable billing for server used
  • Basic monthly fee for permanently running components (PXE servers for OS images)
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Advanced Performance: The new scalable Intel® Xeon® processors

  • Higher core count, ideal for virtualization
  • 48 PCIe lanes per CPU
  • Support for NVMe SSDs
  • Intel VROC - RAID solution for NVMe SSDs
  • Six DDR4 memory channels
  • Higher number of cores and threads
  • Lower power consumption per core
  • Matching CPU for each workload
  • If required: GPU acceleration
  • Higher I/O (PCIe)
  • Ethernet - 4 x 10 GbE
  • Full use of RAM, core and I/O
  • Ultra Path Interconnect
  • Hardware acceleration for computing-intensive applications
Hardware Cloud

Individual Managed Hosting solutions with the Hardware Cloud

With a hardware cloud based on the respective hardware nodes, the resources (CPU, RAM, storage and network) are available without any virtualisation layer in a freely allocable pool.


  • Customised to individual requirements
  • Dedicated HW resources usable (without hypervisor)
  • Best performance provided by branded hardware
  • Integration in existing structures possible
  • Scalability of cluster nodes
  • Flexibility when it comes to resource allocation
  • Management by API control
  • Support for/operation of infrastructure from/by PlusServer
  • Optional management of the guest system by PlusServer
  • Customised contract terms or pay-as-you-go possible

Your individual cloud solution from our portfolio.

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