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Managed AWS

Managed AWS info sheet

Managed AWS info sheet

Find out more about the advantages of AWS as a managed service.

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AWS Best Practices for SMEs

Digitisation is the hottest topic among German SMEs at present. It promises to bring with it increased innovation frequency, cost efficiency and time-to-market. Yet it also requires a reorganisation of existing infrastructures in order to achieve these goals. Managed AWS supports you in efficiently advancing digitisation in your company.

Tailored AWS solutions for your project

With Managed AWS we offer tried and tested complete solutions:

  • Online shop and web application operation with automated scalability to handle peak loads – optimized for Spryker, Magento, Shopware and Oxid
  • Georedundant setups for increased availability and powerful global content delivery
  • Complete solutions for IoT, Big Data, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Test and deployment environments for agencies
  • Containers and Microservices
AWS + PlusServer

Benefit from our managed cloud expertise:

  • More than 40 AWS-certified DevOps/SysOps specialists and cloud architects
  • Tailored advice on cloud strategy and architecture
  • Transition and migration service
  • Cloud management (24/7) and optimisation
  • The highest degree of scalability to suit all requirements
  • Hybrid setups – perfect for your business

Find out more about cloud consulting at PlusServer.

Our Managed public cloud services

Cloud consulting and architecture">

Cloud consulting and architecture

Orchestration of cloud resources">

Orchestration of cloud resources

Migration (lift & shift or optimisation)">

Migration (lift & shift or optimisation)

Management including monitoring and reporting">

Management including monitoring and reporting

Optimization in terms of performance, security and costs

24/7 support in Germany

Billing for all cloud services from a single source

Service level agreement (SLA)

Why Managed AWS at PlusServer?

AWS 50 CERTIFIED Partner Network

Efficient use of the comprehensive and valuable AWS tools requires in-depth know-how that is based on numerous DevOps projects that have already been implemented. With the relevant experience and best practices, we support you in quickly, securely and cost-effectively integrating Amazon Web Services into your company’s IT infrastructure.

As an independent cloud optimiser, we support companies in establishing, orchestrating, running and managing the best infrastructure for their different workloads. Other Managed Clouds can also be included in addition to the Managed Public Cloud AWS. We also continually optimise your setup to ensure it suits your requirements at all times.

PlusServer and AWS info sheet

Managed AWS info sheet

Find out more about the advantages of AWS as a managed service.

Download now [205.97 KB]

Example of an AWS solution focusing on high availability through the use of autoscaling

Example of an AWS solution

Why do I need Managed AWS?

  • Your core business already fully utilises your internal IT capacities.
  • You do not wish to build up any special expertise for AWS within your company or do not want to find specialist staff.
  • You want to rely on the expertise of AWS Certified Solution Architects.
  • You have already started projects in AWS and want to expand their application and make them more efficient.
  • You need support in choosing from the variety of services required.
  • You want to not only migrate existing applications but also optimise them for use in the cloud.

Let us advise you personally

My team and I would be pleased to advise you personally – with the foundation of PlusServer’s many years of experience as the managed hosting market leader. Kai Fehling, Chief Sales Officer

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AWS: Solutions for your industry

AWS already has over one million active customers across all industries. The derived best practices allow for your projects to have a fast time to market with ideal scaling, performance and cost-effectiveness.



Take advantage of the numerous options to improve customer experience online, at the point of sale and on mobile phones. Scale your infrastructure agilely and responsively for optimal performance and convert usage data into specific optimisations.

Financial services">

Financial services

Whether it is customer service or data-based risk management: the financial sector can optimise, accelerate and automate its services using AWS.



Implement digitisation quickly and cost-effectively to benefit from faster, more automated processes.

Digital marketing">

Digital marketing

From content provision through to analytics - AWS has a comprehensive toolset for marketing agents.

Media and entertainment">

Media and entertainment

Utilise proven solutions for media production and broadcasting.



Take advantage of a comprehensive suite of solutions for game development, global game servers, analytics tools and core backend services.

Business applications">

Business applications

Move your business applications over to the cloud to become more economical and agile. Or supplement your existing infrastructure with flexible cloud services.

Healthcare and life sciences">


Whether you are in research and development or insurance: find the necessary computing power for your analysis, work with teams around the world or develop into a digital enterprise.

Government agencies">

Government agencies

Over 2,000 US government agencies already use AWS. The derived best practice guidelines are available to the German public sector to allow government agencies to modernise and improve their efficiency.

Cloud consulting from AWS experts

We provide non-binding and independent advice: which cloud is the best for your project, which services from the public cloud do you need and how can you harmoniously move everything over to a working multi-cloud? Ask us!

Best Practices for your AWS architecture

We develop a Managed Cloud solution for you based on numerous current projects, our expertise from over 20 years in the hosting industry and the best practices of AWS. This is optimally tailored to your industry or your application.

We help you migrate to AWS

Whether your applications are still running on legacy systems or are already partially in the cloud: migration to AWS should be professionally planned in order to keep up ongoing operations and to have all applications in the cloud back in use quickly. We are happy to help you - from analysis through to validation.

AWS operations for challenging projects

From management to analysis and monitoring through to the optimisation of your setup - free your staff from these daily tasks so that they can fully concentrate on your core business. We take care of the assessment and implementation of new AWS features so you can always benefit from an optimised solution.

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