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Whitepaper Linux on Azure

Whitepaper Linux on Azure

The Whitepaper would like to give you a look behind the scenes of Azure to give you a new view of the compatibility of Linux and Azure.

Complimentary download [297.52 KB]

Public Cloud – Microsoft Azure

Azure is a multi-continental cloud platform whose services and applications meet all requirements for maximum flexibility and scalability. The company offers products ranging from IaaS instances to SaaS through to PaaS apps. Azure also offers a well-stocked marketplace, on which many third-party suppliers also offer their applications. These can be popular operating systems, a favoured firewall as a virtual appliance or a trendy container service.

Thus, services can be created completely independently of any Microsoft technology. There are several ways to administer Azure. The well-known Azure Portal, API, PowerShell or Azure CLI are available. All Azure resources are billed according to usage as well as service and region. A wide range of services are available, depending on the region used (more than 30 can be used all over the world).

Azure as a subscription via PlusServer

PlusServer offers you as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) a subscription, in which we take care of your services based on your requirements. With Azure, we are offering you access to Microsoft's Hyperscaling Cloud and the use of a professional and redundant cloud infrastructure. All Azure services with usage-based payment can be centrally scaled up or down at any time according to your needs, so you only pay for the resources you actually use. We offer minute-based billing and guarantee you the optimal cost/benefit ratio at all times.

Global presence

Azure is Microsoft's cloud service, operating in a variety of regions around the world. Thanks to our global presence and ongoing development, our customers benefit from a variety of options for application execution and enjoy outstanding performance. The product is therefore the ideal extension for your existing hosted infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud with Azure

As a so-called Hybrid Cloud in combination with a Private Cloud or dedicated servers, Azure provides the greatest flexibility to respond to load peaks. Low-cost fast scaling is thus also possible. For example, short-term servers can be deployed to temporarily deliver additional Web server performance during campaigns. Virtual instances are therefore used to supplement existing physical or virtualised platforms.

Highlights von Microsoft Azure

  • Flexible scaling
  • Usage-based billing
  • Redundant platform with at least n+1 for very high availability
  • Professional application of Azure platform
  • Application of all freely available Azure regions and Azure services
  • Location selection according to customer requirements
  • Full integration in existing environment (Hybrid Cloud)
  • Support for/operation of the Azure services from/by PlusServer
  • Intuitive portal to manage the services (
  • Simple provisioning of virtual servers and images
  • Minimum contract term of just one month

Let us advise you personally

Azure regions

Azure provides its customers around the world with several locations from which PlusServer, as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), can provide IT resources on demand.

Azure regions

Different Azure services can be used, depending on the location. A detailed listing can be found at

Reasons for buying Azure from PlusServer

  • The neutral consultant
    We identify the right solution for each workload (VMware, Azure, etc.)
  • One platform
    We operate the entire platform, regardless of where it is located (e.g., patch management, monitoring, etc.)
  • Expertise
    We have long-standing Microsoft and hosting expertise (Microsoft Gold Partner & Cloud Solution Provider)
  • Local contacts
    We always have a local contact person available who speaks the customer’s language
  • Everything from a single source
    One contract, one invoice, one point of contact
  • Flexible support
    We provide you with the good managed hosting support you are accustomed to receiving from Germany (24x7x365)
  • The best of all worlds
    We combine different technologies and platforms
  • On equal terms
    Unlike the competition, we act competently and on equal terms with our customers (e.g. SMEs)

Use cases for a Microsoft Azure subscription through PlusServer

  • Azure Backup

    Regardless of where you are - from the company premises, your home office or the cloud - and regardless of what IT system is used: Azure Backup is a convenient backup tool and storage medium.

    Scenario 1
  • Dev/Test

    Dev/Test is the ideal test environment which can be configured to suit your needs using framework parameters, and calculated with pinpoint accuracy.

    Scenario 2
  • Desktop as a Service

    Powerful desktops without a big budget for expensive workspace hardware? It’s possible with Desktop as a Service.

    Scenario 3
  • LAMP Stack

    The abbreviation ‘LAMP’ summarises the tried and tested elements for web hosting: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. A LAMP stack therefore provides the optimal basis for a successful web presence.

    Scenario 4
  • LAMP Stack with AutoScale

    You have big plans and expect occasional load peaks after promotions or seasonal events. You want to handle these efficiently without having to always have resources on hand. The Azure AutoScaling feature protects your IT budget by only using additional resources when they are actually required.

    Scenario 5
  • Multi-Geo Setup

    Does your strategy require a mirrored construction of your platform in several regions? This is easy to achieve with Azure. You even have the option of recording resources in templates (XML) and automatically rolling them out.

    Scenario 6
  • Multi-cloud

    Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud platform without sacrificing the benefits of others? We are happy to put together a tailored multi-cloud setup for you.

    Scenario 7
  • Multi-cloud

    Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud platform without sacrificing the benefits of others? We are happy to put together a tailored multi-cloud setup for you.

    Scenario 8
  • Line-of-Business Apps

    Do you want to roll out internal IT away from classic web hosting and streaming portals? You can easily extend them as needed with Azure.

    Scenario 9
  • Disaster Recovery

    Many companies require an emergency plan for compliance reasons. A disaster recovery setup with Azure is an efficient solution.

    Scenario 10

Highlights of Microsoft Azure

  • Fast and easy
    Azure provides a variety of integrated tools, useful templates and managed services. This allows you to very easily create and manage new business applications, e.g. for mobile use or the Internet of Things. Simply using existing knowledge and familiar technology.
  • Open and flexible
    Azure allows you to use the same technologies that have already been successfully implemented by millions of developers and IT professionals. Azure supports all common operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. Whether you are running Linux containers with docker integration or want to create apps with JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js: anything is possible.
  • Best integration
    You do not need to separate your internal resources to use the cloud efficiently. Azure is easy to integrate into your existing IT environment, using secure direct connections.
  • Highest degree of scalability
    The resources in the Azure Cloud can be scaled up or down, depending on demand, e.g. during seasonal peaks or increased demand following advertising campaigns. You also only pay for the service you actually use.

Diagram: Why Azure 1

Your apps, your development style

Use the tools and open source technologies you already know - Azure offers a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices.

Diagram: Why Azure 2

Link local data and apps

Azure provides hybrid consistency everywhere: in the application development, administration and security, identity management and across the entire data platform.

Download Azure data sheet

Microsoft Azure info sheet

What is Microsoft Azure and what are the advantages of using PlusServer as a managed cloud provider if you want to utilise Azure services? Read everything you need to know in our info sheet.

Download Azure info sheet [152.38 KB]

The most trustworthy cloud for protecting your business

Trust in Microsoft cloud - just like 90 percent of all Fortune 500 companies. Azure helps you to protect your assets with a strict methodology and a focus on security, data protection, compliance and transparency.

Achieve global scope in local regions

Extend your global reach with the cloud service which covers more countries and regions than any other provider. Azure runs on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres in 42 regions.

Detect and minimise threats

Maintain a centralised view of all your Azure resources. The Azure Security Centre helps you to have greater transparency and better control over the security of your Azure resources, minimise threats or to detect threats in time, and respond to them accordingly.

Build on the most trusted cloud

Trust the cloud that offers exceptional compliance security with 50 compliance offers. Azure is recognised as the most trustworthy cloud by US government agencies and includes a FedRAMP high authorisation, which covers 18 Azure services.

Infoblatt Managed Google Cloud

Infoblatt Managed Google Cloud

Learn more about the Google Cloud Platform as a future-proof solution - planned and managed by cloud experts.

Download [193.68 KB]


Microsoft Azure info sheet

Microsoft Azure info sheet

What is Microsoft Azure and what are the advantages of using PlusServer as a managed cloud provider if you want to utilise Azure services? Read everything you need to know in our info sheet.

Download [152.38 KB]


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