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Azure Stack: the Microsoft cloud in PlusServer data centres

The perfect building block for hybrid strategies

Microsoft Azure Stack whitepaper

Microsoft Azure Stack whitepaper

What is Azure Stack and what are its benefits as part of a hybrid cloud solution? Find out more in the whitepaper.

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What is Azure Stack?

A hyperscale cloud in your own data centre - although it initially sounds contradictory, it is now a reality thanks to Azure Stack. Azure Stack is a local installation whose functionality is similar to that of the Microsoft cloud. This means that all IaaS and PaaS services are also available in the PlusServer data centres in Germany.

This means that Azure Stack is particularly advantageous in hybrid scenarios because it allows the flexible expansion of a private cloud or dedicated servers to use Azure resources; for example, the development environment, for temporary data analysis or load overflow.

Azure Stack as part of a hybrid strategy

A hybrid solution is characterised by combining the best features of various infrastructures. The advantages of this type of strategy include cost savings, e.g. with low-cost cloud resources as needed, faster response times or lower development costs.

Whatever you want to achieve with your hybrid strategy, Azure Stack at PlusServer is the perfect complement to your hosted dedicated resources or private cloud. It supplements the infrastructure provided for basic loads with flexible resources for load overflow, as a development or test environment, and has numerous SaaS offers.

Hybrid Ready

Value added diagram

The diagram shows how Azure Stack is the perfect building block to incorporate into any hybrid strategy. Regardless of whether compliance requires cloud resources from German data centres, or whether ready-made PaaS offers are to be accessed. Azure Stack fulfils virtually all requirements for hybrid or multi-cloud scenarios.

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Managed Azure - extra service and comfort

With PlusServer you have the choice of only receiving Azure services or utilising our extensive management services as well.

While standard PlusServer support is available to you even with our unmanaged version, you will be supported by our certified Azure experts with the Managed Azure package.

Microsoft Azure Stack whitepaper

Find out more about Azure Stack

Read more about the features of Azure Stack, potential use cases and value added by managed Azure Stack versus in-house operation in this free whitepaper.

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Why Azure Stack?

Azure Stack is a new cloud offer from Microsoft. The basic idea is based on making the entire range of Microsoft cloud services available in local data centres. Companies who have previously not been able to use the cloud for compliance reasons can now access it without hesitation. Because the hardware’s location is known - whether it is in the company’s own data centre or in that of a German cloud provider. In addition to computing resources, Azure Stack offers the same range of PaaS and SaaS offers as the global Microsoft cloud.

With Azure Stack at PlusServer, you enjoy not only the full range of functionality with the highest levels of compliance, but can also rely on management and personalised support from experienced experts. We help you to integrate Azure Stack into your IT infrastructure and benefit from the best of all worlds with a hybrid solution.

Video: Azure Stack Vision

Logo Microsoft

Brief introduction to Azure Stack

This video explains the novel approach of Azure Stack (language: English).

A powerful double: Azure solutions at PlusServer

Azure Cloud

The full range of infrastructure, platform and software services from globally available data centres.

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Azure Stack

The full scope of the Azure service collection on a local system: a known location, low latencies, flexibility of the cloud with the highest level of compliance.

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PlusServer Azure Stack on the basis of HPE hardware

With Azure Stack, PlusServer relies on the appliance solution of the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. The integrated HPE-ProLiant solution provides the optimal balance of agile services and flexible resources. For example, maximum packing density is crucial for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and therefore for the rapid amortisation of the solution used. HPE’s reliable Azure Stack services help PlusServer to run its business-critical client applications securely and with high performance. At the same time, HPE also helps us to integrate Azure Stack into our data centres, so that we can fulfil all requirements with regard to safety, compliance, costs, and performance.

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Azure Stack Rackeinbau

How to turn HPE servers into an Azure stack

In the time-lapse video, we show the setup of our Azure Stack in the Cologne PlusServer DataCore data center.

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