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More freedom for you.
More security for your data.

  • Data-sovereign European cloud
  • Cost-efficient scalability to suit your requirements
  • Optimal integration capability for your digitalisation
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With the pluscloud you get to utilise Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) at enterprise level

With the pluscloud we offer you a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centres. Here your data is always secure and GDPR-compliant. Simply get the computing power, storage, network and security resources you need and only pay for what you actually use. Thanks to the flexible scalability of every virtual machine, you avoid unnecessary costs and always get the right level of performance.

To manage your resources you have the option of using either a convenient graphic interface in a web browser or access via an interface. On request, the pluscloud team can support you with a variety of Managed Services. So your IT department is free to focus on your core business.

Info sheet pluscloud

If you’re migrating your IT to the cloud, you mainly want to gain freedom. The new pluscloud offers you even more flexibility – with maximum security for your data.

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What are the advantages of the pluscloud?

Compare for yourself the options the pluscloud offers you in comparison to similar cloud offers.

Free and independent scaling of resources

Instead of predefined VM sizes, you can have various resources (CPU cores, pGPU instances, RAM, storage) in the pluscloud custom-scaled to meet your individual needs.

Billing based on use (pay-as-you-go)

In the pluscloud, resources are calculated on the basis of actual consumption. Alongside the free and independent scaling of resources, you only pay for what you really need at any given time.

Transparent pricing model

Many companies want to leverage the cloud to reduce their costs. We have deliberately kept the pluscloud price model simple to ensure there are no nasty surprises awaiting you at the end of the month.

No set-up fee

Billing based on your pluscloud usage includes the absence of any setup fees, which helps you channel your investments directly into operation.

Try it out for 30 days free of charge

As the best way to learn about a product is to give it a test run, we give you a full 30 days to do so – free of charge and without obligation.
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Convenient web interface or extensive vCloud API

Manage your pluscloud via a web-based graphical user interface. Or rely on automation in the cloud and easily create resources using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) via the API.
More about Infrastructure as Code

Advanced network services such as firewalls or load balancers

Every pluscloud setup automatically comes with an Edge gateway providing a connection to the internet. It can also perform firewall and load-balancing functions.

High-speed network connection

The pluscloud locations are directly connected to our high-performance backbone with various uplink and peering options, thus ensuring the shortest latencies to German and international destinations.

Multiple storage performance classes

We offer two performance classes as storage space for the VMs: performance and high performance. This offers additional flexibility for every application.

Seamless integration of other products

As part of the plus.io platform, the pluscloud can be combined with many other products. Among other things, it is particularly suitable for hybrid setups, which are implemented via the hybrid connector.

Additionally, with pluscontainer you also get a Managed Kubernetes solution.
More about pluscontainer

High-performance computing

For performance-hungry applications such as AI, machine learning or visualisation, you can expand your VMs in the pluscloud with pGPUs as required.
More about pGPUs

Fully integrated backup

With just a few clicks you can create backups for the VMs in the pluscloud. These backups are also billed using a pay-as-you-go model.
More about backup

Multiple regions for geo-redundancy

Using the site-to-site connection of the respective Edge gateways you can easily establish a connection between the various locations in order to run an application across multiple regions.

Data protection according to GDPR

We offer the pluscloud at four locations (Hamburg 2x, Cologne and Düsseldorf) where your data is always GDPR-compatible and thus in line with the strictest compliance requirements.
More about the locations

plussecurity solutions

Make use of a comprehensive range of security products to increase the availability and integrity of your business-critical data in the pluscloud.
More about plussecurity

Digital sovereignty

The European cloud project GAIA-X is intended to secure Europe’s independence and innovative capacity through digital sovereignty. plusserver is involved as a founding member as well as being a driving force behind the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) project.
More about GAIA-X

Short provisioning time

Benefit from the flexibility of the pluscloud to kick-start your digital projects.

Advice on your cloud strategy

Although larger cloud projects, in particular, require a well-thought-out strategy, many cloud providers focus exclusively on the resources. Our cloud consulting services, on the other hand, provide you with a personal contact for your very own roadmap.

Extensive managed services available

You have the choice of either using the pluscloud as a self-service solution or letting us take care of the configuration and operation of your VMs. Our plusservices provide different management levels for additional freedom.

24/7 support

Direct and personal German-speaking support is a matter of course at pluscloud. After all, we don’t want to leave you standing in the rain with nothing but standard answers.

Your convenient path to the cloud –
with experts by your side

The cloud is now considered indispensable when it comes to the digitalisation of corporate IT and processes. Flexible solutions are required due to increasing market and customer requirements. There is also a focus on the topics of security and compliance. Resources from the European cloud are often the best choice. Allow our cloud experts to provide you with non-binding advice. We relieve you of many tasks relating to strategy, architecture, migration and optimisation, and support you in keeping an eye on your costs.

Cloud strategy consulting
Which cloud is the right one to suit your requirements?

Design and architecture consulting
The correct scalability, performance and availability.

We support agile dev­elop­ment methods and automation.

Migration and transformation
Our project management ensures seamless migration.


Cost analysis and optimisation
We constantly check whether operational performance and costs are correct.

24/7 operational support
Services include monitoring as well as updates and patch management.

A holistic security concept rounds off every cloud setup.

Application support
A best practice architecture forms the perfect foundation for your applications.

Do you have any questions?

My colleagues and I would be happy to show you the most important features and functions of the pluscloud in a live demo. This is, of course, free of charge and without obligation. Simply arrange an appointment to suit you online – we look forward to hearing from you. Jan Hülsen, New Business Consultant

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Success Story pluscloud

The Hertha BSC game day living room

“At the moment, we have to play our games in front of empty stands. That’s why it’s all the more important for us to be close to the fans and to create new offers using our digital channels”, said Maurice Sonneveld, Head of Digital Media at Hertha BSC. “Our digital agency, brandung, and plusserver allowed us to quickly implement our own game day programme with lots of interactive formats and options with the ‘hertha030.live’ second screen offer.”

How can you offer thousands of fans at least a piece of the real home game experience despite coronavirus restrictions and games played behind closed doors? Live tickers, social media and apps have been used in football for a few years now. But that alone wasn’t enough for the traditional Hertha BSC club. They wanted to create a special place for the fans to come together and experience a sense of community: their own virtual living room. Videos, interviews, music, analyses and information from the stadium commentators at hertha030.live allow fans to get in the mood for the upcoming game and then follow it via live commentary.

“What the club needed was simple: enough performance to allow every fan to have a digital football experience”, said plusserver Account Manager, Claudio Paefgen. A pluscloud solution made up of three virtual machines ensures just the right level of performance. plusserver provided this at short notice, set it up and pre-installed the required applications.

brandung Managing Director, Niels Struckmeyer, is also pleased with the collaboration: “For us as an agency, it is an enormous relief to not have to handle the setup and operation of web infrastructures all by ourselves. With the pluscloud, we can be sure that plusserver takes care of the availability of all systems at all times, and also supports us in optimising our costs and performance levels.”

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Find out more about the pluscloud now

Whether you are starting out in the cloud or have in-depth expertise: Get an idea of how the pluscloud supports your digital projects. We would be happy to give you the opportunity to put its performance and operability through its paces for 30 days.

Try it out for 30 days free of charge

Focus: Features and additions


High-performance computing

Use GPUs flexibly in the pluscloud as required – powered by NVIDIA. For complex calculations in the field of AI, machine learning or visualisation.


Data backup made easy

In the pluscloud, you can backup your valuable data automatically and conveniently via a web interface. So you only pay for the backup storage that you actually use.


Managed Kubernetes in the pluscloud

Agile application development and automation: Use the advantages of container technology in the pluscloud. We take care of your Kubernetes cluster.


Multi-cloud solutions

As part of the plus.io multi-cloud platform, the pluscloud can be combined with a complete tool stack of modular solutions – even with your existing IT.

Try it out for 30 days free of charge

Try it for 30 days and see how the pluscloud supports your digital projects. Find out how

  • the cloud feels in practice,
  • what advantages the pluscloud offers and
  • how you can use the pluscloud in the best way possible for your business operations
Try it out for 30 days free of charge

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