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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

More freedom for you.
More security for your data.

Use the freely scalable Cloud resources in geo-redundant data centres.

Try it out for 30 days free of charge

pluscloud contains so much



Your data is always there, where you want it to be

Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Cologne: with pluscloud, your data can be stored in several data centres on request. You will also get the best possible latency for your internal systems. Benefit from our in-house backbone and fully-integrated network services and realise geo-redundant, highly available setups.

Free scalability


Always just as much Cloud as you need

You can scale your setup through the management platform at any time. The services you use are billed by the minute. Simply start with the number of virtual machines you want and set the processor performance, memory, storage, network and security services.

Managed Service


Just as much service as you want

Full admin access or full concentration on the core business? We would be happy to support you with the level of consultancy, managed services and 24/7 support you require. Our Cloud experts look after the availability of Cloud resources and network infrastructure for you.

What are the advantages of the pluscloud?

Compare for yourself the options the pluscloud offers you in comparison to similar cloud offers.


Free and independent scaling of resources


Billing based on use (pay-as-you-go)


Transparent pricing model


No set-up fee


Try it out for 30 days free of charge


Convenient web interface or extensive vCloud API


Advanced network services such as firewalls or load balancers


High-speed network connection


Two storage performance classes


Seamless integration of other products


Fully integrated backup


Multiple regions for geo-redundancy


Short provisioning time


Advice on your cloud strategy


Extensive managed services available


24/7 support

What is the pluscloud?

The pluscloud is a public cloud infrastructure that plusserver offers in several certified German data centres. It allows you to obtain your computing power, storage, network and security resources as required (on demand) and only pay for the resources you actually use (pay per use). The pluscloud is characterised by the flexible scalability of every virtual machine in order to meet your precise needs. To manage the resources, you can choose between the convenient graphical user interface in your web browser or access via an interface.

For even greater convenience, the pluscloud team can support you with a variety of managed services on request. This gives you more time to concentrate on your core business. Pre-configured setups for applications frequently used by SMBs, e.g. CMS, ERP or online shops, also ensure a quick and smooth start to digital business. For companies with particularly critical data, the pluscloud also offers the option of storing data geo-redundantly, i.e. at several locations.

Your personal contact partner

Find out more about the benefits of using the pluscloud. We would be pleased to give you tailored and personalised advice. Cornelius Marks, Lead Architecture

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Effiziente Lösungen für Ihre Digitalisierung

Mit Cloud-Lösungen wie der pluscloud profitieren Sie von einer agilen, flexiblen und kosteneffizienten Möglichkeit, Ressourcen genau dann einzusetzen, wenn diese benötigt werden. Ohne große Investitionen schaffen Sie Kapazitäten für neue Workloads und können je nach Marktsituation rauf- oder runterskalieren. Wenn es darum geht, neue Geschäftsmodelle und Innovationen schnell und agil umzusetzen, wirkt die Cloud als wichtiger Antriebsmotor. Durch die clevere Anbindung der Cloud an Ihre interne IT in Form einer Hybrid Cloud lässt sich dieser Effekt umgehend erzielen.

How to lower IT costs with pluscloud

With a cloud solution, your company is always in the best possible position, even in the event of unforeseen situations. This is because you only obtain and pay for resources from the cloud in the quantities you currently need. pluscloud additionally supports this effect by making each individual machine scalable as required.

Therefore savings of up to 40 percent are possible.

  • You don't have to invest in additional hardware and depreciate it over several years.
  • plusserver takes care of the availability of all resources and offers 24/7 support, so you save manpower on your side
  • No hardware upgrades and maintenance required
  • Flexible up- and downsizing depending on the market situation

Modern multi-cloud solutions with the pluscloud

Would you like to make use of the benefits of multiple cloud solutions in parallel or expand your internal IT resources with services in the cloud? No problem! We are happy to support you with the planning and implementation of hybrid or multi-cloud strategies. Our broad portfolio has a variety of options: from the professional integration of your own internal resources into a centrally managed IT platform through to the combination of the pluscloud with a private cloud and so-called hyperscale public clouds (Google, AWS).

We also support you in switching to cloud-native applications. The pluscloud enables agile application development and high portability of applications across multiple environments through container orchestration solutions such as Managed Kubernetes. More about pluscontainer

Advantages of geo-redundancy

Do you want your business-critical applications to be extremely reliable? Through the seamless network integration of all plusserver data centres, you can choose between several availability zones. Complete setups can be maintained in two or more locations, ensuring business continuity even in the event of a data centre outage. This makes it possible to have various geo-redundancy to disaster recovery scenarios.




Always a plus: our managed services

Cloud strategy consulting
Which cloud is the right one to suit your requirements?

Design and architecture consulting
The correct scalability, performance and availability.

We support agile dev­elop­ment methods and automation.

Migration and transformation
Our project management ensures seamless migration.


Cost analysis and optimisation
We constantly check whether operational performance and costs are correct.

24/7 operational support
Services include monitoring as well as updates and patch management.

A holistic security concept rounds off every cloud setup.

Application support
A best practice architecture forms the perfect foundation for your applications.