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pluscloud Backup

Your flexible and scalable data backup in the cloud

  • Automatic and regular backup copies
  • Management using GUI or API
  • Calculation of resources based on consumption

Back up your valuable data efficiently and reliably with pluscloud backup.

With the pluscloud, we not only offer you flexibly scalable and highly available resources in our certified data centres in Germany. We would also like to support you by ensuring that your data and applications in the pluscloud are available at all times. An important step along the way is regular data backup. This is done automatically for you with the help of the pluscloud backup.

What pluscloud backup does for you

Automatic backups

With the pluscloud backup you automatically and regularly create logically and physically separate backup copies of your virtual machines in the pluscloud. All backups are created directly on the hypervisor (the virtualisation software located between the hardware and the guest operating system) and stored on separate systems without the need for complex agents.

Complete VMs

The advantage of hypervisor-based backup is that VMs are always backed up as a whole. Creating backups at host level also hardly impacts the performance of running applications.

Easy management

Simply manage your pluscloud backup in a way that is most convenient for you. The management portal can be operated either a via web browser on a graphical interface or directly via API calls. Either way can be used to access the backup data or control restores at any time.

On-demand usage

We charge the resources used within the pluscloud backup based on actual consumption (on demand), the number of VMs to be backed up and per GB of required storage space.

pluscloud backup at a glance

Self-service access to including virtual machines in backup jobs

Use and access via central management software (e.g. Veeam Enterprise Portal)

Comprehensive API support

Backup data storage logically and physically separated from the pluscloud

Autoscaling backup storage space

Pay-per-use billing

Optional storage at a geographically remote location

The dashboard helps you keep track of everything at a glance

You can keep an eye on your backup statistics, among other things, on the dashboard - especially regarding VMs, backup jobs and backup storage. You can also choose to view either the last 24 hours or the last seven days.

  • The “Protected” widget displays information about the number of successful vApp and VM backups as well as the total size of all successfully backed up VMs for the selected period.
  • The “Jobs” widget provides information about the number of backup jobs created, the maximum duration and the average backup speed.
  • The “Backup Storage” widget provides information about the allocated quota and the amount of data used.

Under “Jobs”, you can create, edit, delete, activate and deactivate backup jobs as well as display detailed information on the individual jobs.

Backup for hybrid and multi-clouds


The pluscloud backup can be combined with other plusserver services, e.g. as part of hybrid provisioning scenarios or multi-cloud scenarios, by connecting further cloud service providers. For the implementation of individual cloud strategies, we offer you our multi-cloud platform plus.io. It allows you to easily connect your existing IT to the cloud while providing centralised management of all resources.

Find out more about plus.io

Infosheet pluscloud Backup

Back up your virtual machines automatically, quickly and reliably with the pluscloud backup.

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A close-up look at pluscloud backup: Technical details

Data storage

The backup data is stored on a physically separate medium in the same region. Tiering procedures help us ensure that the most recent backups are stored nearby to provide you with the best possible restore speed.

Backup times

Although the selected VMs are backed up daily by default between 8 pm and 8 am, the performance of your VMs is maintained throughout thanks to the host-level backup.

Backups using the CBT method

VM data is backed up from the hypervisor’s perspective using changed block tracking (CBT). This procedure allows quick and reliable creation of backups from the live data. CBT also offers the option of creating full synthetic backups at all backup job runtimes without having to copy the entire stock of data.

Precautions on the customer side

The use of CBT means that you neither have to adapt the guest operating system nor install any additional software. Applications on the guest operating system (e.g. databases) nevertheless require consistent data storage. For databases, a dumpfile is usually created before the backup period begins. The consistent database dump is manually imported into the database application in the event of a restore.

Try it out for 30 days free of charge

Try it for 30 days and see how the pluscloud supports your digital projects. Find out how

  • the cloud feels in practice,
  • what advantages the pluscloud offers and
  • how you can use the pluscloud in the best way possible for your business operations
Try it out for 30 days free of charge

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