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pGPUs in the pluscloud

Maximum computing power
available for you on demand

  • High-end GPU cores based on NVIDIA Quadro RTX / Tesla
  • Ideal for floating-point, AI and rendering workloads
  • Bookable monthly (GPU as a service)

The cloud solution for high-performance computing

With the pluscloud and pGPU you benefit from state-of-the-art, GPU-supported high-performance computing for applications in the fields of AI, machine learning and visualisation. We provide you with massive parallel processing by leveraging the full power of NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 datacentre graphics cards, which we provide as GPU instances that you can use as needed. A GPU supports the virtual servers through hardware acceleration and offloads the vCores to ensure that application-level calculations are performed with high accuracy and speed.

pGPU: Our services at a glance

nvidia RTX

Monthly booking of high-end GPU cores (vGPUs)

Provision based on NVIDIA Quadro RTX / Tesla graphics cards

Direct assignment to pluscloud VMs

Massive parallel computing / processing

Support with floating point, AI, and rendering workloads

Fields of application: AI, machine learning / deep learning, modelling, real-time visualisation, improved user experience


Your advantage: flexible on-demand GPU computing power

Simply adapt the performance of your pluscloud to your current needs. In this way, you can always perform complex calculations quickly and reliably without any long-term investments. Simply book your GPU resources for one month – at any time, for example, when you want to analyse and visualise data.


Your performance:
Powered by NVIDIA

The NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 6000 with the NVIDIA Turing architecture and NVIDIA RTX platform is one of the most powerful graphics cards for professional workflows. This benefits not only designers and artists. The hardware acceleration of the GPU used supports many more applications.

Features of the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000

24 GB

DDR6 (with NVLINK 48GB!)

384 bit

Memory interface




Tensor cores


RT cores


Single-Precision performance

119.4 TFLOPS

Tensor performance

Why do you need a GPU in the cloud?

Visual evaluations

In many sectors, not only the visualisation of data is important, but also vice versa: images are also used to extract information. This is the case in sectors such as safety, medical, automotive and production. For example, video-based processes can be used to have machines read out and implement human pointing and hand gestures and even gaze behaviour.

Machine learning / deep learning

Whenever real-time analysis is required to respond immediately to collected data and situations, you can rely on GPU performance in the cloud. They support the formation of neural networks and thus independent learning in order to ultimately make predictions or decisions. Face, object and speech recognition are examples. Autonomous driving or improved AI in computer games, however, also require deep learning.

Artificial intelligence

The rapid development of AI is a relevant issue for every company today. Companies that fail to keep up with the pace of innovation can quickly fall behind the competition. The numerous fields of application include process optimisation based on powerful analysis solutions in industry, as well as logistics optimisation or real-time recommendations to customers in online commerce.

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With the pluscloud and pGPU you benefit from state-of-the-art, GPU-supported high-performance computing for applications in the fields of AI, machine learning and visualisation. Cornelius Marks, Lead Architecture

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