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Try it out for 30 days free of charge

Try it for 30 days and see how the pluscloud supports your digital projects

As an IT professional, you don’t want to just read about what the cloud can do. You want to know how it feels to work with the cloud, what it actually does and how it fits into your company. That is why we are happy to give you the opportunity to get to know the pluscloud for a whole month:

Modern HTML5 interface and high-performance API

Your pluscloud is easy to manage using a web-based graphical user interface that is entirely based on modern HTML5. Alternatively, you can use the pluscloud API.

Free and independent scaling of resources

You can individually scale CPU cores, RAM and storage in the pluscloud to suit your needs. This means you can provision each resource precisely and as required. Without dependencies or predefined VM sizes.

Billing for resources is based on actual consumption – pay-as-you-go

After the trial period you will only pay for the resources you actually use. We record vCores and vRAM minute-by-minute and round up to full hours at the end of the month. We bill storage based on the average storage space used in a month. It is free to set up pluscloud resources at any time.

Multiple storage performance classes as a datastore for VMs

Each virtual machine (VM) naturally also has the corresponding storage space for data. Here you can choose between two performance levels to best suit your needs.

Backup as a service – fully integrated

You can also access the integrated backup solution via the pluscloud management portal. With just a few clicks you can create backups for the VMs created in the pluscloud. These backups are also billed using a pay-as-you-go model.

The pluscloud trial in detail:
what can I use during the test phase?

The following services are available for free in the pluscloud management portal as part of your test phase. Create your virtual machines with the desired performance (CPU, RAM, storage). Set up your networks and use firewalling and load balancing functions.


This is the processing power of your virtual machine. It is freely scalable for each individual VM.


You can also set the working memory of each VM as you wish.


The virtual “hard disk” of a VM. You can also dimension this as required.


Use either Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux on your virtual machines.

Edge Gateway

The Edge Gateway controls the incoming and outgoing data traffic and is used for firewalling and load balancing.

VM Backup

You can easily back up the VMs you have created using the management interface.

Your personal contact partner

Find out more about the benefits of using the pluscloud. We would be pleased to give you tailored and personalised advice. Cornelius Marks, Lead Architecture

Let us advise you

What the ‘plus’ in pluscloud means

Faster response times

Our 60-minute guarantee, in case your services are ever unavailable.

24-hour service

Our Cloud experts are available to you 24 hours a day – every day!

Proactive monitoring

We continually check the functionality of the services provided.

Always up to date

Automatic update of all supported services provided.

Stay completely flexible

Our monthly terminable contracts minimise your company risk.

Daily data backup

Automatic backups for maximum security of your data and services.

pluscloud FAQ

  • What is the pluscloud?

    The pluscloud is a public cloud infrastructure that plusserver offers in several certified German data centres. It allows you to obtain your computing power, storage, network and security resources as required (on demand) and only pay for the resources you actually use (pay per use). The pluscloud is characterised by the flexible scalability of every virtual machine in order to meet your precise needs. To manage the resources, you can choose between the convenient graphical user interface in your web browser or access via an interface. For even greater convenience, the pluscloud team can support you with a variety of managed services on request. This gives you more time to concentrate on your core business. Pre-configured setups for applications frequently used by SMBs, e.g. CMS, ERP or online shops, also ensure a quick and smooth start to digital business. For companies with particularly critical data, the pluscloud also offers the option of storing their data geo-redundantly, i.e. at several locations.

  • How do I install a VM in the pluscloud?

    You can do this yourself using the management portal. You either start with a completely new configuration or use one from the catalogue of already created ones, so you can quickly reproduce frequently recurring configurations. The individual steps of VM creation are described in the pluscloud Quickstart Guide, which every customer receives. It is also possible to get the pluscloud team to handle VMs as a managed service.

  • Can I really scale indefinitely during the test phase?

    No, because the pluscloud has a limit of 55 GHz CPU (2.1 GHz/vCore), 100 GB vRAM and 1 TB storage. However, these limits can be adjusted free of charge and without interruption to the service if you enquire about higher requirements.

  • Where can I see the used and remaining resources?

    In the menu item “Settings” → “General”.

  • How many VPN connections can be connected to the Edge Gateway?

    The number depends on the size of the Edge Gateway and the VPN protocol (IPsec/SSL) or transmission layer.

  • Can I configure an internal load balancer on the Edge Gateway?

    On the part of VMware, the Edge Gateway is only intended for the load balancing of incoming external connections.

  • How can I change the network configuration of individual VMs?

    Network adjustments can be made within the VM via “Details” → “Hardware”.

  • Can I use Plesk on the pluscloud?

    Plesk can be used in the pluscloud. If you wish to use it to manage several end customers, separate FTP access is required. For this we provide Edge Gateway Full at no extra charge.

  • Which images can I embed and where can I find them?

    Images can be loaded within the virtual machine using “Insert medium”. This will display the images available to you.

  • Can I clone vApps/VMs?

    Yes, go to “Actions” in the VM and select “Copy to...”.

  • Can I take snapshots? And where are they stored?

    Yes, by clicking “Actions” → “Create snapshot”. Snapshots are stored on the same storage that is stored in the VM as standard.

  • Where can I manage my backups?

    Click the menu next to the plusserver logo. Here you will find the “Managed Backups” item.