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Managed Kubernetes: develop in an agile way, use resources efficiently, avoid vendor lock-in

  • Setup, configuration and operation of Kubernetes clusters
  • Container orchestration in pluscloud (Rancher), GCP (GKE) or AWS (EKS)
  • Monitoring and 24/7 tech support from Germany

Use Container as a Service to drive your digital business

Managed Kubernetes allows you to take advantage of container technology in the easiest way possible. Our experts take care of the entire lifecycle of your container environment, while you focus on your core business. This gives you maximum flexibility and portability for your applications. If necessary, this can even be across several clouds, e.g. to minimise the risk of vendor lock-in.

Managed Kubernetes: benefits for you

Entry into the world of containers

With the help of the Rancher orchestration tool, we help you to quickly and easily enter the world of Kubernetes containers in the pluscloud. Create and manage your container conveniently using the Rancher interface, API or command line. Or use fully managed Kubernetes services in AWS (EKS) or Google Cloud Platform (GKE).

The shortest innovation cycles

We support you in realising continuous and automated software development and provision in your company. With the help of a CI/CD environment based on Managed Kubernetes, you can continuously roll out new versions of your applications and shorten innovation cycles.

Operated by plusserver

Work efficiently with containers and let us take responsibility for the underlying systems. We take care of the set-up, initial configuration and operation of your Kubernetes environment. We also ensure that your worker nodes are available at all times.

Container orchestration on the platform of your choice



With Managed Kubernetes in the pluscloud, we offer you managed container clusters in our own infrastructure in datacentres in Germany. The scope of services on the infrastructure side includes a dedicated control plane and the number of worker nodes that meets your requirements. Our monitoring service based on Prometheus and Grafana, including alerting, ensures that your clusters are always available and optimally sized. You can, of course, also make use of our 24/7 support.


We give you access to the Kubernetes cluster via the Rancher management platform. The open source solution Rancher is a complete software stack that supports DevOps teams with the use of containers. Rancher minimises the operational challenges that can arise when managing Kubernetes clusters. You can operate and administer your container environment via a user-friendly graphical interface, command line or the Kubernetes API.

  • Technical details

    We provide resources on the plusserver infrastructure while giving you access to the Kubernetes environment and the Rancher management software to help you manage the Kubernetes cluster.


    The control plane is rolled out redundantly and provides the basic Kubernetes services you require.


    Workers are managed via the control plane and host your workloads.

    Persistent storage

    Persistent storage capacities are likewise connected via the resources.

    Load balancing services

    They are controlled via ingress controllers as well as API load balancing.


    This is provided centrally via a cluster we administer, on which we operate corresponding monitoring tools (Prometheus/Grafana) and can thus monitor the customer clusters.

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Kubernetes was originally developed by Google and was eventually released as open source software. The Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is, therefore, a managed Kubernetes solution that is based on the same expertise that gave rise to Kubernetes in the first place. Our pluscontainer offer supports you in efficiently making use of the advantages of container clusters in the Google Cloud Platform, so you do not have to worry about the architecture, operation or optimisation.


Focus your full attention on your core business and leave the tedious infrastructure tasks to us. We have put a lot of thought into it, so you don’t have to. Our GKE solutions contain everything you need for successful container use and Kubernetes management. The architecture and the Google products used are based on our best practices. We also provide you with 24/7 support and troubleshooting in line with the playbook.

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Managed Kubernetes on AWS is a Kubernetes service managed by plusserver to operate your business-critical applications based on AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes service). We leverage best practices to configure the entire environment for you and make it available to you. The architecture consists of an AWS Managed ControlPlane and a network of worker nodes. The worker nodes run Docker as a container engine. We also take care of monitoring and, if necessary, debugging according to Playbook. This lets you focus fully on developing your applications.


With AWS Kubernetes service you do not have to deal with the wide range of AWS tools on your own. Our EKS Kubernetes clusters provide everything you need to successfully launch your container applications in AWS. You can manage them via either the Kubernetes API or the WebUI dashboard, a web interface for controlling your workloads.

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Daniel Thoma, Travian Games

Why do you rely on managed Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is currently the leading platform for container orchestration and is also the most popular choice among Cloud platform providers. If necessary, we can use Kubernetes in the AWS, Google Cloud or pluscloud. As part of managed Kubernetes, we can also assign routine tasks relating to the Kubernetes clusters to our managed Cloud partner, plusserver. Daniel Thoma,
Head of Technical Operations at Travian Games

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Our services for successful container usage

As part of pluscontainer, we provide you with Kubernetes clusters in the cloud of your choice and take care of their operation. You get access to the Kubernetes environment and the respective orchestration solution (Rancher, EKS, GKE) to manage the clusters.

Set-up, initial configuration and operation of Kubernetes environments

Provision of Kubernetes clusters to suit your requirements

Administrative access to the clusters via GUI, CLI or API

Use of the cluster based on the selected cloud infrastructure (pluscloud, AWS, Google Cloud)

Provisioning of the control plane and the workers

Monitoring of the Kubernetes clusters by plusserver (Prometheus/Grafana)

Alerting and recommendations for action in the event of capacity problems

Resource-based billing

Persistent storage

How do containers assist with software development?

Containers support fast and error-free software development and therefore allow for a short time-to-market. These days software has a large value share in almost every product and service. In order to react quickly to customer demands, new features need to be rolled out as quickly as possible.

Containers are ideal for sandboxing or other test environments which have to be set up and adjusted often, and quickly.

For example, services that are subject to high fluctuations in demand.

Each container forms an independent process and can therefore be started, stopped or ported quickly.

With the help of containers, computing resources can be used more efficiently. They provide process isolation, allowing granular CPU and memory utilisation.

Containers contain the code as well as the configuration files and dependencies. This fulfils important requirements for uniform execution in different environments.

Containers support the division of an application into different services. These microservices can be developed, tested and moved into production independently of one another.

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