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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider


Leave the complexity of database operation to us and save on licence and operating costs

  • Migration of Oracle to managed PostgreSQL in the pluscloud
  • Managed database operation in a customised infrastructure
  • Setup, patching and highly available operation

Database migration over to the Cloud: we get you started

Whether a heterogeneous and complex data landscape has developed in your company over the years, you feel committed to a vendor lock-in or want to save costs on licences and hardware: There are many reasons to change your former database over to a modern Cloud-based solution.

We would be happy to support you in managing an Oracle-compatible database together with our partner, Proventa. With managed PostgreSQL, we offer you a powerful solution based on open source software. We operate this for you in the scalable and GDPR-compliant pluscloud for the highest level of efficiency, profitability and security.

The advantages of managed PostgreSQL in the pluscloud

Our database migration offers attractive cost benefits. These arise from switching licence products, such as Oracle, to open source and your own hardware to the Cloud. Use Cloud resources flexibly according to your requirements and free up your IT team, which no longer has to worry about database operation and hardware maintenance.

Clustered, highly available PostgreSQL database

Support over the entire lifecycle

Oracle compatibility

Advice on architecture

Maintenance and support

IT team training

Migration service (Oracle/DB2 to PostgreSQL)

Performance tuning

Flexibly scalable resources in the pluscloud

GDPR-compliant data storage in Germany

Operation and maintenance conducted by plusserver experts

plusserver and Proventa:
Combined expertise for your database transformation

While digitalisation is well-advanced in Silicon Valley, European companies are lagging far behind. This is not least because companies shy away from the high investment costs involved in acquiring new technologies and building up in-house knowledge. This is where Proventa AG comes into play. They offer efficient solutions for German and European companies to make them competitive in the global market.

Together with our partner Proventa, we enable you to conveniently and easily transform and migrate your existing databases, such as Oracle, over to the European pluscloud. With the smart transformation services of Proventa, we offer you, among other things, professional risk management, maintenance of manufacturing operations and the freeing up of your staff.


As part of plusdata, we offer you comprehensive managed database services through to the migration and transformation of your existing databases in the pluscloud. We’ll be more than happy to advise you on the best solution for you. Florian Weigmann, Chief Product Officer

Let us advise you personally

Managed application service for your database

Every digital application needs a database. This is why it is particularly important to not leave anything to chance when it comes to this key component. You can trust the tried-and-tested service of our database team and focus fully on your core business.

We ensure the smooth setup of the database of your choice – MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Galera for MariaDB or Oracle – and take care of the entire operation including patching and troubleshooting. This is, of course, round the clock, 365 days per year. We also provide you with the right infrastructure. Customised and managed by us to suit your needs.

An overview of our managed database services

Consulting on infrastructure sizing

Set up of the database instances/cluster

Operation incl. patch management

Different, customised backup solutions

Advice on tuning the SQL statements

We support these databases

Managed MySQL

Managed MariaDB

Managed PostgreSQL

Managed Galera for MariaDB

Managed Oracle

Best efficiency
through to the highest availability


Make the optimal database solution for your project a reality with us. Depending on your needs, you can use a lean single instance to handle relatively consistent loads. For large load fluctuations and higher availability requirements, on the other hand, we recommend a primary/secondary replication with two instances or even a high availability solution with a cluster. Through the database replication, the servers involved can be freed up and a higher level of performance can be achieved. In the event of a server failure, the database is also still available.

Infosheet plusdata

All the features of plusdata – summarised for you in a brief info sheet: save on licence and operating costs with managed PostgreSQL in the pluscloud and benefit from other managed database services.

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