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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider


For companies that rely on full performance and compliance for sensitive workloads

  • Powerful dedicated servers
  • Secure data centres in Germany
  • Optional connection to the cloud

The alternative to “on-premises”:
dedicated brand servers, certified data centres, professional services

Do you have particularly high requirements for data protection, data security and compliance? Do you want to relieve the burden on your internal IT department and place the infrastructural operation of your dedicated servers in professional hands? Then plusdedicated is the perfect match for you.


Focus on core business

Do what you do best. We take care of the IT resources behind your digital applications – we can also take care of the applications themselves. So your internal IT department saves time and you also save your company costs in the long-term for the administration and maintenance of the systems.

Data centre

First-class infrastructures

Numerous factors play a role in the operation of data centres: connection, air conditioning, power supply, redundancy and security. We ensure optimal availability of all components around the clock in our data centres in Germany.


Meet compliance requirements

Compliance and data protection regulations often require not just a data location in Germany, but the strict isolation of the systems used. With plusdedicated you can fulfil these requirements and rely on dedicated hardware, while completely outsourcing operations.

All the plusdedicated benefits at a glance

Dedicated servers with
the desired configuration

For sensitive data
or internal systems

Lots of combination
and connection options

Isolated or
high-security environments

Fulfilment of
compliance requirements

Optional: takeover the running of

Dedicated servers offer you an exclusive and secure environment for sensitive workloads. We are happy to free up your time and provide additional support services as required in addition to infrastructure management. Malte Glueck, Product Manager

Let us advise you personally

Added flexibility:
private cloud with plusdedicated

Private Cloud

Virtualisation makes all the difference. We would be happy to work with you to set up a private cloud based on plusdedicated in our data centres. Retain all the advantages of a dedicated server, while multiple virtual machines on a single physical server ensure the hardware is used more efficiently. At the same time, you gain greater flexibility in your IT operations because virtual machines can be created, copied and moved easily.

Our recommendation:
prepare for the future with plusdedicated and the Hybrid Connector

In the digital age, customer and market requirements are increasing and require the constant adaptation of your digital products and services. Your IT needs to grow with them. So expand your IT infrastructure in the cloud easily and as required.

The Hybrid Connector gives you a direct and secure connection to flexible cloud resources in the pluscloud, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. So you can continue to use dedicated resources for particularly sensitive workloads and, for example, run your customer-focused applications, such as the company website, customer app or online shop, in a scalable way in the cloud.

Our customers - successful with plusserver

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