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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider


Confidentiality, availability and integrity for your business-critical data and applications

  • Comprehensive cloud security solutions
  • Comprehensive protection against DDoS, DNS, malware and phishing attacks
  • Monitoring and analysis of vulnerabilities and attacks

Our comprehensive security concept

In addition to our cloud solutions, we offer comprehensive services relating to security and cybersecurity. Because the volume and intensity of criminal activity on the internet is steadily rising. This in turn increases a company’s risk of suffering financial and image losses as a result of DDoS attacks, hacking or data theft. Our solutions keep you on the safe side.

We manage your cloud security

For us, the managed cloud means that we do more than just provide you with infrastructure. We want your business-critical processes to be available at all times with high performance levels, and for your valuable data to always be well protected. This is why our security concept considers both our internal controls and procedures, as well as all security services for our customers.

As part of plussecurity, we support you in:

Effectively avoiding unintentional data loss or information leaks

Minimising the risk of deliberate attacks

Monitoring your entire data flow as well as access to the data and applications

Protecting your systems from excessive and harmful traffic

Vulnerability Scanner:
Your tool to combat vulnerabilities


The more your business model relies on digital applications, the more important it is to protect your data and applications from access, theft and manipulation by third parties. Identifying weak points is crucial in this endeavour. Potential weak points include open ports, expired certificates, failed updates or incorrect configurations. The Vulnerability Scanner checks the security of your IP-based network systems using authenticated and unauthenticated scans with variable test depths from an attacker’s perspective.

A modern dashboard summarises the results of scans in clear graphics. The current processing status of the scans and the severity regarding security holes identified can be read off at a glance. In addition, you will receive a detailed and clear report setting out the weak points found and the solutions proposed.

The Vulnerability Scanner uses various scans to check the weak points of your infrastructure.

Protect your data and applications from the attacks and intrusion of third parties. We will be happy to show you in a personal demonstration how the Vulnerability Scanner will ensure more security in your company in the future. Jan Hülsen, New Business Consultant

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All the services of the Vulnerability Scanner at a glance:

Unlimited number of scans per month

Full access rights for individual scans

Scanning of complete network environments

Check of all applications and services

Automatic update of the test routines (NVTs)

Extensive test report with clear classification

The latest version of the leading OpenVAS framework

SOC and SIEM with security expert Kudelski Security

Efficient real-time monitoring for maximum security

Together with the security experts from Kudelski Security, we offer 24/7 all-round monitoring of your cloud solutions and systems. All incoming security alerts are analysed using state-of-the-art technology (SIEM), while the staff in the Cyber Fusion Center (SOC) respond directly to any anomalies and reports.

About the Cyber Defence Solution

Logo Kudelski Security

Cloud security:
Monitoring and analysis of cyber attacks

Our strong partner: Akamai

The number of attacks on companies is continuously increasing. As a result, the likelihood that one will become the victim of such an attack is also increasing. To equip our customers to defend against this threat, we have decided to collaborate with the market leader, Akamai. Together with our partner Akami, we offer tailor-made security solutions to ensure the necessary information and data security for your systems.


Further advantages of collaborating with Akamai:

World-wide security network

24/7 security operations centre (SOC)

Overview of worldwide traffic

Rapid detection of new attack patterns

Fast reaction times (time to mitigate) in the event of attacks

Threat intelligence: Analysing 130 terabytes of data, 1 bill­io­n devices and over 100 million IP addresses per day provides a comprehensive image of the cur­ren­t threat landscape. This is how Akamai can protect your company around the clock.


DDoS, DNS and malware protection

The threats on the internet are numerous and are constantly adapting to the current defence ­me­th­ods. That is why we offer you a wide and comprehensive portfolio of professional solutions.

In the event of an attack, you risk losing sales and damage to your reputation because your customers can no longer reach your online presence or move over to the competition. Your production lines can also suffer, as your employees cannot access all the data they need.

Kona Site Defender

Kona Site Defender provides websites and applications with comprehensive protection against downtime and data theft caused by opportunistic and sophisticated web attacks as well as DDoS attacks. Your operations, customer loyalty and business applications remain protected and reliable at all times. We also offer you comprehensive insights into the threat situation online and allow you to avoid high costs in the event of peak loads caused by attack traffic.

More about DDoS protection

Case Study DDoS

plusserver and Akamai ensure a secure online experience at PrintPlanet.de

Read the whole case study now


Secure application access

Protecting web applications can be quite complicated. As the threats are constantly changing, it is difficult to identify the critical areas of the company and applications independently to update the security and protection measures in good time. That is why we recommend having a professional security solution to protect applications.

Web Application Protector

Security without compromise: The Web Application Protector combines an easy to manage Web Application Firewall (WAF) with extremely scalable DDoS protection in a single cloud-based solution. With the Web Application Protector, your applications can be implemented and managed effortlessly, quickly and easily. This low-cost solution protects your applications from a multitude of threats at the network and application level.


Login data protection

The careless handling of log­i­n data often opens the door for cyber ­criminals. Us­e a reliable identity and ac­c­ess management system to offer your end customers the best dig­ital experience.

Bot Manager

With the Bot Manager, you control the information, detection, categorisation, management and reporting of bot traffic on your website. Secure competitive advantages and control – with the Bot Manager, you prevent your competition from being able to read off your price information and contents. The Bot Manager also provides protection against the misuse of login data and other forms of internet fraud. In addition, your customers can expect a better user experience thanks to less bot interference during business hours.

our solutions for your data security

Web Application Protector (WAP)
Fully automated WAF and DDoS protection

Kona Site Defender (KSD)
WAF and DDoS protection for the highest demands

Bot Manager Standard
and manage bots

Bot Manager Premier
Stop misuse of credentials

Fast DNS
Protect the DNS server against DDoS attacks

Enterprise Application Access (EAA)
Secure application access (cloud/on-premises)

Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP)
Malware and phishing protection from the cloud

Prolexic & Shared Prolexic
DDoS defence
against terabit attacks


CDN: Even more security and faster data

Accelerate the global delivery of your data with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It also increases your protection against DDoS attacks, as they are distributed across various nodes rather than burdening a single environment.

Together with Akamai, one of the leading providers of website performance solutions, we provide a CDN product for challenging projects. The Akamai platform is just one network hop away from 90 percent of the world’s internet users. With more than 200,000 servers in over 3,300 locations in 122 countries, Akamai brings you closer to your end users, wherever they are. This helps us to deliver your content more quickly, enable closer collaboration between your employees and improve the performance of your business applications.

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Security provided by cloud firewalls

We support you with modern firewall solutions to effectively protect your hosted infrastructure against cybercrime. To ensure the highest level of security you require a transparent overview of users, applications and devices, as well as threats in your network. Our firewall products filter out unwanted or malicious traffic to proactively protect your valuable data from hacking or theft.

We offer dedicated, shared and business firewalls

A dedicated firewall protects your servers by using the latest filter technology and allows you a high level of protection against unauthorised access. With our Shared Firewall and Business Firewall products, you can protect your valuable data and always maintain an overview of potential threats in your network, as well as the activities of all users, components and applications. With the Shared Firewall product, you enjoy a high level of security and flexibility at particularly favourable conditions.

Downtime cost simulator

What is the cost of downtime for your company?

Do you know how much the temporary failure of your infrastructure could actually cost you? Simply enter a few figures and see how an attack on your infrastructure would affect you financially.

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We will be pleased to inform you about highly available infrastructures as well as efficient protection against cybercrime.

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