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Effective DDoS protection for your company

Fend off threats and reap the benefits of real security

  • A high level of guaranteed availability
  • Reduction of downtime costs and operational risk
  • Relief of the IT platform

Our DDoS protection for your security

DDoS protection is an absolute must in today’s online business world – regardless of the size or industry of your company. The threats that lurk on the Internet are numerous, constantly increasing and adapting to current defence methods.

We therefore offer you a broad and comprehensive portfolio of professional solutions. All products are individually tailored to your needs. We fully manage your DDoS protection, thereby efficiently preventing incurring sales-related and reputational losses. Your production lines can also suffer, as your employees cannot access all the data they need.

How do we protect your company from DDoS attacks?

Together with the leading providers of DDoS mitigation solutions, we have put together suitable products for different requirements. The security experts are market leaders in the cloud security sector and have already successfully fended off many large DDoS attacks. All products apply the proven cloud principle – maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness through shared resources – to your own DDoS protection. Subsequently, we can offer you effective DDoS protection under attractive conditions.

The advantages of DDoS mitigation at a glance

Protecting websites and applications from outages

Infrastructure protection against DDoS attacks

Tailored and individual solutions

Reduction of downtime cost and operational risk

Increase of accessibility

Comprehensive insight into the scale of threats found online

Cost reduction during peak loads due to attack traffic

Can be combined with other plussecurity products

With DDoS protection from plusserver you protect your website, online shop or other web applications from online attacks. Find the optimal protection against denial of service attacks - whether it is through DNS forwarding or BGP routing. Florian Weigmann, Chief Product Officer

Let us advise you

What are DDoS attacks and how can you protect yourself?


The abbreviation DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial of Service”. The aim of a DDoS attack, therefore, is to overload the target system through a targeted attack from several distributed locations. Unprotected systems – such as computers, servers or devices networked in the Internet of Things – are infected with malicious software. In doing so, the infected systems can be remotely controlled to direct a high quantity of requests to a web environment over a short period of time.

There are also intelligent attacks, in which the pattern of the attack is constantly changing in order to continually evade the defences deployed by the system under attack. Today, DDoS attacks are more frequent than ever and can be organised quickly and easily by criminals via the Internet. That makes protecting your own company all the more important.

Without DDoS protection, your company is at risk:

Revenue losses

Your customers cannot reach you over the internet during and after an attack, meaning you do not make any sales during this time. If you have started an expensive marketing campaign your expenses may, in the worst case, have been for nothing.

Damaged reputation

Whether your customers are unnerved and go to the competition or even become victims of a breach of data protection during a cyberattack: your reputation will suffer as a result of the attack and it will take you a long time to repair it.

Productivity losses

Your employees cannot work productively if they cannot access important data. Note that cybercriminal attacks can also target applications or databases.

Loss of data

In addition to extortion, cybercriminals have also discovered the theft of corporate and customer data. This can lead to high damage claims and also cause irrevocable damage to the company.

Case Study DDoS

The increasing dangers on and from the internet have encouraged us to arrange for our clients’ data to be protected even more carefully by a specialist. Akamai and the Web Application Protector solution offer precisely the support we were looking for.Thomas Demann, General Manager IT, PrintPlanet.de

Read the whole case study now

Downtime cost simulator

What is the cost of downtime for your company?

Do you know how much the temporary failure of your infrastructure could actually cost you? Simply enter a few figures and see how an attack on your infrastructure would affect you financially.

An error has occurred. Please check your details.
Lost Sales
Lost Productivity
Downtime cost


Weekly Daily Hourly Elapsed
Revenue 0 0 0 0
Productivity 0 0 0 0
Total Loss 0 0 0 0

We will be pleased to inform you about highly available infrastructures as well as efficient protection against cybercrime.

Even greater security with our plussecurity solutions


Make use of a comprehensive range of security products to increase the availability and integrity of your business-critical data. We offer you comprehensive protection against DDoS, DNS, malware and phishing attacks, as well as the monitoring and analysis of vulnerabilities and attacks.

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