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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

Your high-performance private cloud in German data centres

  • Flexible, virtualised resources
  • Customised setups tailored to your requirements
  • Can be combined with other platforms and solutions via plus.io

Place your trust in our experience as a private cloud provider

With our private cloud offers, we provide the right platforms for companies that value the operation of their own instances in order to achieve a high level of security and compliance. Even very high demands on performance, latency and redundancy are covered perfectly by the private cloud.

With a private cloud you can enjoy the full performance of dedicated resources. Aside from the virtual machines you use, no other VMs booked by other customers will be operated on the same hardware. Individual security settings allow us to achieve a higher level of security than in a public cloud.

Highlights of our private cloud

  • Customised to individual requirements
  • Integration in existing structures possible
  • Support for/operation of infrastructure by us
  • Optional management of the VMs by us
  • Best performance provided by branded hardware
  • Customised contract terms

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The big move to the private cloud

In order to take the pressure off the in-house IT system and benefit from a high level of flexibility for new customer solutions, UDG United Digital Group decided to migrate 180 customer systems to a Managed Private Cloud at plusserver.

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With plus.io, you are setting up your
private cloud that is fit for the future


plus.io is your European multi-cloud platform with which you will be prepared when it comes to fulfilling all future requirements. This is because the modular system allows you to flexibly expand your private cloud. Whether through public cloud solutions in the pluscloud, with AWS or in the Google Cloud, or dedicated setups with plusdedicated. Connecting your internal systems to your private cloud is also no issue at all. We enable secure connections and the central management of all resources.

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Case Study Private Cloud // BEO

As a specialist in customs clearance, BEO GmbH needs a stable, secure and reliable IT infrastructure. Read the case study on how we achieved this with a managed private cloud from plusserver.

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Private cloud solutions at a glance

Private Cloud

Your private cloud at plusserver is based on the virtualisation technologies of VMware as standard. We will also be happy to implement cloud solutions based on the “OpenStack” open source solution together with you upon request. In the private cloud, management tools such as VMware vCenter are available to you to manage your IaaS resources. Simply contact us to find out more details.

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VMware vSphere


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Scalable by additional HW nodes

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Live migration

Multi-site setups

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Serrver located in Germany

24x7x365 support

Our customers - successful with plusserver

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    Mc Kinsey

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