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Whitepaper Linux on Azure

Whitepaper Linux on Azure

The Whitepaper provides a behind-the-scenes look at Azure and shows that Linux and Microsoft do not have to be in conflict with one another.

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What is a Public Cloud?

A shared or Public Cloud usually offers the most cost-effective way to use flexible cloud resources. As the name suggests, several customers share the same infrastructure. So several so-called virtual machines can be located on a physical server. You may add or remove one or more of these virtual machines on the Public Cloud to or from your infrastructure, depending on your needs.

The term “public” may be slightly misleading: there is no way that third parties can access the data saved on the Public Cloud.

With a Managed Public Cloud from PlusServer, you can ensure smooth operation of your business cloud and tailored solutions for your requirements. We create the ideal environment for your business-critical applications. Trust in a secure managed public cloud based on VMware and the flexible and versatile cloud services from AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure.


  • Flexible scaling
  • Operating a professional cloud platform (SLA, redundancy)
  • Optional regional hosting or Public Cloud
  • Full integration in existing environment possible (Hybrid Cloud)
  • Support for/operation of the infrastructure from/by PlusServer
  • Minimum contract term of just one month
  • Next-business day provision

Overview of Managed Public Cloud products

Mit dem Einsatz von VMware vSphere und dem vCloud Director bietet Ihnen PlusServer eine Managed Public Cloud in den eigenen deutschen Rechenzentren. Darüber hinaus designen und managen wir gerne Ihre Ressourcen in den Public Clouds AWS, Google Cloud Platform oder Microsoft Azure.

Business Cloud

Azure Cloud

AWS Cloud

Google Cloud


VMware vSphere mit vCloud Director

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Typical application scenario

Latenzkritischer Scale-out

Test + Dev, Microservices, Scale-out

Test + Dev, Microservices, Scale-out

Test + Dev, Microservices, Scale-out

Cloud services


IaaS, SaaS + PaaS

IaaS, SaaS + PaaS

IaaS, SaaS + PaaS

Granular scalability

Usage-based billing


Foreseeable costs


Lowest latencies with other PlusServer products

Configurable (API/GUI)

Operated by PlusServer

24x7x365 support

Cloud Orchestration Excellence Study

The study performed by Crisp Research in collaboration with PlusServer first looks into the level of cloud maturity at the company. Based on these results, it analyses future architectures and sourcing plans and provides recommendations for a multi-cloud strategy.

Download the free study [1.57 MB]

Managed AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform for cloud services. These include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The challenge here is for companies to select the services they really need from the wide range of offerings. Moreover, the migration to AWS as well as the management up to the permanent optimization of the solution requires specific know-how.

As a member of the AWS Partner Network, we support you in finding, operating and optimizing an optimal AWS solution for your company on the basis of AWS best practices and numerous DevOps projects that have been implemented. Our AWS certified experts (AWS Certified Solutions Architects or DevOps Engineers) are at your disposal.

Google Cloud Platform

With its Google Cloud Platform, the Google group offers a range of cloud computing services that can be used flexibly as required. These run on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end user products such as Google Search and YouTube. Modular cloud services include computing, data storage, data analysis and machine learning.

As a partner of the Google Cloud Platform, we help you get the most out of Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and serverless computing environments. Our certified Professional Cloud Experts are at your disposal.

Business Cloud – VMware vCloud

Our business cloud is perfect for your online applications. With the Business Cloud we offer you a professional, redundant cloud infrastructure based on VMware vCloud, on which you can efficiently operate new platforms and flexibly expand existing platforms.

Our VMware vCloud-based managed public cloud offers you many opportunities for your successful online business: It can act as an autarkic cloud, but can also be used as a “load overflow”. In combination with your existing virtual/physical environment, you will also receive a Hybrid Cloud. We offer this high degree of flexibility at a reasonable price and with a minimal contract term.


We offer the Business Cloud on the basis of VMware vCloud.

Learn more about VMware Hypervisor

Expansion of the Managed Public Cloud according to individual needs

Rely on established virtualisation technology

The Business Cloud from PlusServer can be expanded and supplemented individually - entirely according to your needs. Additional modules such as a firewall, load balancer, backup or CDN mean you can create a cloud environment with optimal performance and security. Our team will be glad to support you in developing a tailored solution for your needs.

Flexible tariffs for your Business Cloud

Business Cloud

Business Cloud

Business Cloud with Flex option

Business Cloud with Flex option

Business Cloud with activated Flex option

Business Cloud with activated Flex option

You can choose the contract term for your cloud product. Before concluding the contract, you will choose a certain number of CU (Compute Units) which will be guaranteed to you throughout the entire term. Our team will be happy to help you figure out the optimal performance level for your project.

More customers visit your website at certain peak times, e.g. due to advertising campaigns, trade fairs, etc. You need higher performance: this is provided by our Flex option. It provides you with the same performance (in Compute Units) of your Business Cloud at all times.

You only require these Flex resources at certain times, so you will only be charged for the Compute Units Flex actually used for your virtual machines. So it is simply possible to increase the performance of your virtualisation solution by up to 100% at peak times – all with simultaneous cost control.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable cloud platform. Cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are available on demand. These services are constantly being expanded to enable organizations to respond to the latest trends and requirements. With Azure, applications can be created, managed and deployed across a large global network using preferred tools and frameworks.

With Microsoft Azure, PlusServer allows you to leverage the full potential of Azure while meeting all compliance requirements.

Microsoft Azure

All Azure resources are billed according to usage and service.

Learn more about Azure

Who needs a Managed Public Cloud?

The great advantage of a Public Cloud is its flexibility. On the one hand, the cloud is technologically flexible and thus can be expanded quickly. On the other hand, the usage-based billing of the Public Cloud can bring an economic advantage. Thus, a Public Cloud is often used for testing and development purposes because it can be registered quickly in the developer environment and can be shut down just as quickly.

Certain environmental criteria, which are only required for a relatively short time, can only be created at short notice with the help of such a flexible cloud environment. Microservices can also be created just as well. These are either characterised by their short service life or by their low load.

Dedicated servers would be oversized in this case. At the same time, however, Public Cloud resources also help to cushion seasonal peak loads via a scale-out scenario. It makes no difference whether it is a pure Public Cloud environment or resources within a hybrid solution.

Why Managed Public Cloud from PlusServer?

  • Market leader in managed hosting in DACH
  • Broad portfolio from Managed Public Cloud to Multi-Cloud
  • Independent cloud consulting
  • Hybrid solutions from a single source
  • Dedicated contact partner in project management and sales
  • Guaranteed response time with respect to requests for support
  • Flexible invoicing for support services
  • 24/7 Technical Support from Germany
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