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The role of the Hybrid cloud for the mid-sized sector

PlusServer and NetApp present the Hybrid Cloud model in a business whitepaper

Hybrid Cloud whitepaper

By using hybrid cloud architectures, companies utilise the best of all IT worlds. Find out why and how the mid-sized sector can benefit from using the Hybrid Cloud.

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The cloud in your neighbourhood

With a total of ten PlusServer data centres - seven of which are in Germany - we enable you to use cloud resources near you. This is what distinguishes our Regional Cloud from our competitors, whose data location is often abroad or completely unknown.

With the Regional Cloud, you have the choice between the economic Business Cloud in which you rent resources on a shared cloud platform, or a Managed Private Cloud. This provides you with a dedicated cloud environment for maximum performance and compliance.

Whichever product you choose, you will benefit from the lowest latencies in your own IT infrastructure, all located close by. If you choose Managed Hosting or a Colocation solution, we will gladly operate it all from the same data centre for you. Our team will be happy to advise you on the best solution for you from our Managed Hosting and Cloud product ranges.

Business Cloud

Our Business Cloud is perfect for the success of your online business model. With Business Cloud, we offer a professional, redundant cloud infrastructure based on VMware vCloud or Microsoft Azure Stack, on which you can operate new platforms efficiently and flexibly expand existing platforms.

Business Cloud offers a multitude of possibilities: It can act as an autarkic cloud (Public Cloud), but can also be used as a “load overflow”. In combination with your existing virtual/physical environment, you also receive a Hybrid Cloud. We offer this high degree of flexibility at a reasonable price and with a minimal contract term.

We offer the Business Cloud on the basis of the following platforms:

  • VMware vCloud
  • Microsoft Azure Stack

New:NetApp FAS with All-Flash as High-Performance Storage

The Business Cloud from PlusServer always adapts to your needs. This also applies to storage: we offer different classes that are optimised for different scenarios. With high performance storage on the basis of NetApp FAS with all-flash, you can now also run extremely demanding and critical applications in the Business Cloud. We of course guarantee both the service provided and the availability.

Find out more about this powerful duo: you can discover the advantages of NetApp FAS with all-flash in a Hybrid Cloud environment in the free business whitepaper.

Download the Hybrid Cloud whitepaper


  • Flexible scaling
  • Professional VMware vCloud platform
  • Regional hosting at one of our locations
  • Full integration in existing environment possible (hybrid cloud)
  • Support for/operation of the infrastructure from/by PlusServer
  • Professional administration interface
  • Simple provisioning of virtual servers and images
  • Best performance provided by branded hardware
  • Minimum contract term of just one month
  • Next-business day provision

Your customised Cloud solution

Rely on established virtualisation technology

The Business Cloud from PlusServer can be expanded and supplemented individually - entirely according to your needs. Additional modules such as a firewall, load balancer, backup or CDN mean you can create a cloud environment with optimal performance and security. Our team will be glad to support you in developing a tailored solution for your needs.

The VMware vCloud Director makes it easy to manage your cloud environment

  • Manage your virtual machines (VMs) via a web interface.
  • Create, start and stop your VMs very easily.
  • It is very easy to allocate virtual resources (vCPU, vRAM, memory).
  • Use a KVM console.
  • User management allows for convenient access control.
  • A template catalogue provides you with optimised VM configurations.

Flexible tariffs for your Business Cloud

Business Cloud

Business Cloud

Business Cloud with Flex option

Business Cloud with Flex option

Virtualisation platforms

Microsoft Azure Deutschland

You can choose the contract term for your cloud product. Before concluding the contract, you will choose a certain number of CU (Compute Units) which will be guaranteed to you throughout the entire term. Our team will be happy to help you figure out the optimal performance level for your project.

More customers visit your website at certain peak times, e.g. due to advertising campaigns, trade fairs, etc. You need higher performance: this is provided by our Flex option. It provides you with the same performance (in Compute Units) of your Business Cloud at all times.

You only require these Flex resources at certain times, so you will only be charged for the Compute Units Flex actually used for your virtual machines. So it is simply possible to increase the performance of your virtualisation solution by up to 100% at peak times - all with simultaneous cost control.

Private Cloud

With our Private Cloud solutions, we provide you with a cloud tailored to your requirements, whereby everything can be specifically customised for you – from the hardware used (server and storage, for example) to the network design.

We will be more than happy to set up your highly available private cloud for you, and to operate it for you as a managed cloud solution.

Because PlusServer takes care of managing the underlying infrastructure (e.g. resource allocation, monitoring, patch management), the customer can concentrate on their business.

If you would like to leverage the advantages of a flexible cloud solution, but are bound to your own capsulated, dedicated hardware due to compliance regulations, then a private cloud is the perfect solution for you. Maximum flexibility with maximum compliance.

We offer the Private Cloud on the basis of the following platforms:

  • VSphere
  • Openstack
  • HyperV


  • Customised to individual requirements
  • Integration in existing structures possible
  • Cost savings, thanks to consolidation
  • Scalability of cluster nodes
  • Flexibility when it comes to resource allocation
  • Powerful administration interface
  • Support for/operation of infrastructure from/by PlusServer
  • Management of VMs by PlusServer possible option
  • Best performance provided by branded hardware
  • Customised contract terms

Public vs. Private: which cloud for which needs

Public Cloud

A Shared or Public Cloud usually offers the most cost-effective way to use flexible cloud resources. As the name suggests, several customers share the same infrastructure. So several so-called virtual machines can be located on a physical server. The customer adds or removes one or more of these virtual machines on the Public Cloud to or from their infrastructure, depending on their needs. The term “public” may be slightly misleading: there is no way that third parties can access the data saved on the Public Cloud. As part of our Regional Cloud products, we also offer Public Cloud resources with the Business Cloud.


Private Cloud

With a Private Cloud, you can enjoy the full performance of dedicated resources. This means that, aside from the virtual machines you use, no other VMs booked by other customers will be operated on the same hardware. Having a Private Cloud also allows for a higher level of security, as individual security settings can be put in place. When it comes to PlusServer’s Private Cloud solutions, you can also have a blend of Managed Hosting and the cloud, whereby dedicated hardware will be used in combination with virtualisation solutions. Virtualisation is typically a feature of the cloud.

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