Managed Hosting solutions for the highest requirements

Our advertising portal, kalaydo.de, is one of the most popular websites in Germany. That is why we need an infrastructure that delivers both high performance and high availability. Furthermore, it has to be expandable at all times in ongoing operations. That is why we opted for PlusServer as an experienced managed hosting provider.

Oliver Hacker Head of IT, Kalaydo GmbH & Co. KG

Our Managed Hosting solutions are tailored and highly available

In PlusServer, your company has chosen the right Managed Hosting partner when it comes to the operation of your complex server infrastructure. A powerful and fail-safe service architecture requires perfection when it comes to planning and implementation.

This is why we work closely with our clients in every phase of the project. We develop a specific setup for each project, implement it and look after it in subsequent operation.

The focus is always placed on finding the best possible solution for your company in terms of performance, availability and compatibility.

Service and consulting on an equal footing

Experience from lots of challenging project shows that you benefit the most when we support you from the design through to implementation and operation of your customised Managed Hosting solution. From a start-up to a large corporation and, on request, round the clock and 365 days a year.

We do more than just hosting

Tell us about your goals and we will take care of the planning, monitoring and control of your project with an expert team. The extent to which we support you is entirely up to you.

Project management

  • Planning, monitoring and control
  • Infrastructure, capacity and cost planning
  • Scheduling and deadline planning
  • Downgrades and upgrades when requirements change

Contractual special solutions

  • Individual Service Level Agreements
  • Maintenance plans with a special range of services
  • Customised escalation plans for emergencies

Customised services

  • Individually defined support services
  • Monitoring and security services
  • Special hard and software solutions

Customised Managed Hosting Services

We are looking forward to overcoming challenges with you

We fulfil your specific requirements with our Customised Managed Hosting Services. If it is only technically possible, our Technical Architect team works with you to create a solution so that you can benefit from the desired technical and economic value added. Whatever challenges you face, we look forward to tackling them with you.

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IT Outsourcing business whitepaper

Read the business whitepaper to learn more about the four most important arguments for Managed Hosting: cost, time, performance and security. This is why outsourcing IT is worthwhile for most companies.

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What is Managed Hosting?

If maximum reliability, performance and cost optimisation are important, Managed Hosting is the best choice. An infrastructure that is tailored to your individual requirements is ideal for high-load websites and business-critical applications.

As described in detail in the whitepaper "Why use external solutions?", outsourced Managed Hosting solutions offer various advantages as compared to running your own data center. A setup that is hosted and managed by a Managed Hosting provider offers you 24/7 access to the provider's service and support.

Managed Hosting solutions are always tailored to the customer. They typically include several dedicated servers, as well as supplementary components and services: load balancing, switches, firewalls, monitoring, backup and patch management.


Example of a Managed Hosting solution with part virtualisation

PlusServer provides the client with an infrastructure solution consisting of two VMware vSphere ESXi host systems, twelve virtual instances, a dedicated storage appliance, a redundant firewall pair (Business 100M) and a redundant Juniper switch infrastructure.

Example of a Managed Hosting solution with part virtualisation



Dedicated SAN


The setup is designed as a managed setup so that changes (change requests) can be performed by PlusServer at any time. The customer has complete and unrestricted administrative access to all instances. In addition to services such as hardware monitoring, system backups and patch management, PlusServer also provides access to hands-on work by the technical support team, if required. The entire setup is designed for high scalability. Additional virtual machines and other dedicated host systems can be added as necessary.

Managed Hosting: overview of the advantages

  • Flexible scalability, as the solution can be expanded very rapidly and to virtually any size
  • 24/7 Support for hardware and operating systems
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • DDoS Protection
  • Replacement of defective hardware within a very short time (e.g. within two hours)
  • Additional options for backup, firewall, etc.
  • Efficient system care (patch management)
  • Delegation of all infrastructural tasks allows for better focus on the core business
  • Data safety in accordance with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS
  • Gas extinguishing system and access security
  • Complete control through root or administrator access
  • Use of the latest storage/network technology
  • Uninterruptible power supply, redundant air conditioning
  • Broadband, redundant connection to the internet

Downtime Cost Calculator

What is the cost of downtime for your company?

Many companies are unaware of the actual financial loss that is involved with the temporary loss of their online infrastructure. The experts at the Gartner blog speak of an average of 5,600 dollars a minute - but there are big differences depending on the business size and the dependency on the online business.

Our cost calculator can help you bring some light into the darkness. Just enter some values and you can see in real time how your cost evolves in the course of a downtime.

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Lost Sales
Lost Productivity
Downtime cost
  Weekly Daily Hourly Elapsed
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Productivity 0 0 0 0
Total Loss 0 0 0 0

We will be pleased to inform you about highly available infrastructures as well as efficient protection against cybercrime.

Our clients speak for us

  • Our customers expect us to deliver highly reliable and efficient solutions, ranging from technical analysis, strategic planning and development to operation and subsequent optimisation. It is important that all links of the chain meet this requirement. We decided to work with PlusServer as the company has extensive experience in complex IT solutions that are nevertheless scalable at any time.

    Heiko Findeisen, Head of Composite Services, DB Systel GmbH

  • With PlusServer, we have a partner who provides optimal support when it comes to infrastructure. It is efficient and guaranteed, so we can concentrate on our core business areas.

    Klaus Hufnagel, Managing Director and COO
  • When it comes to our hosting providers we attach great importance to a fast connection as well as hardware and networks with high availability. We do not want to make our small users wait a long time to see their desired content. In addition, our pages are partially financed by advertising and our advertising clients count on the failsafe nature of our site. That is why we opted for PlusServer, which guarantees excellent performance for us.

    Christoph Weber, Head of Application Development & Internet Technology

  • We are very satisfied with our cooperation with PlusServer so far. The company has responded very flexibly to our requirements and created the optimal solution for us. We are also pleased that the migration of the Reisebüro Wüst, our pilot user, has worked so well.

    Thomas Klein, Head of IT infrastructure, franchise headquarters Lufthansa City Center Reisebüropartner GmbH (LCR)

More PlusServer services


With our Business Cloud based on VMware, OpenStack and Azure Stack, as well as a Private Cloud and Microsoft Azure Deutschland, we provide flexible cloud resources to suit your needs.

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The alternative to having your own data centre: colocation of your infrastructure in the highly secure data centres of PlusServer. We have several colocation sites in Germany, e.g. Frankfurt.

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Dedicated servers

Powerful dedicated servers: benefit from the HPE ProLiant hardware and state of the art Intel Xeon processors for maximum performance of your Managed Hosting environment.

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