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Backup for secure data

Infosheet pluscloud Backup

Infosheet pluscloud Backup

Mit dem pluscloud Backup sichern Sie automatisch, schnell und zuverlässig Ihre virtuellen Maschinen.

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Business Backup

Expand your infrastructure with an efficient backup system

The importance of a backup is often not noticed until it is too late. The business backup product provides you with an effective backup concept to ensure your valuable data is kept in good working order at all times. We will gladly advise you on personalised storage and backup solutions. Get in contact today.

Create backups at regular intervals with the Business Backup to protect your company from data loss. Unlike conventional backup systems, the entire disk partition is first saved in blocks.

This is the initial full backup. The Business Backup subsequently saves only those data blocks which have been changed since the last backup. This incremental backup creates a consistent backup of data and resources.


  • Provision of a backup account on a central backup cluster
  • Set-up of the contractually agreed backup storage space
  • Configuration of backup routines and intervals depending on the product ordered
  • Provision of a customer interface for data restoration

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Backup and restore made easy

As the backup server automatically recognises existing file systems, you can also restore individual files of a specific backup despite the block level-based solution. You can perform a restore by simply accessing the customer interface, which we provide – regardless of whether this involves only parts of the backup or a bare-metal restore.

On the server to be backed up, we install a backup agent that coordinates the backup runs. In addition, we set up the contractually agreed storage capacity for your backups in our backup systems for you.

In Business Backup, you have the option of storing your backups in a different fire compartment to your server. You can use the off-site option and benefit from additional security.

Case Study Data Management // Acronis

plusserver, Acronis and Rausch Netzwerktechnik have jointly developed a unique data management solution.

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Business Backup

Business Backup

Business Backup
Basic for VMs





Storage space

50 GB

100 GB

50 GB

Hold-back time

4 weeks

30 days

30 days


Dedicated servers

Dedicated Server, Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Operating systems

Windows, Linux

Windows, Linux, VMware

Windows, Linux, VMware

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