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CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN data sheet

CDN data sheet

Unburden and accelerate your hosting environment with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We offer two different types of CDN product: caching CDN and streaming CDN.

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Alleviating and accelerating your environment

Attractive and simple price model

Together with our partners, we provide you with leading CDN solutions to quickly deliver your data anywhere in the world. This gives you low latencies and reduces the load on individual systems in order to achieve optimal performance for your customers. The Premium Business CDN offers you an attractive price per GB - regardless of the region to which the data is delivered.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network, or content distribution network (CDN for short) is a globally distributed network for relieving the load on and accelerating your hosting environment. Other servers (replica servers) are used in addition to the servers (origin servers) of the central hosting platform. These replica servers are distributed at strategic positions on the Internet and are called CDN nodes.

The data from the origin servers is cached at the CDN nodes. This significantly reduces the geographic proximity of the end user to the CDN nodes, as well as the latency between clients and servers and the load on the main platform. Because of the distributed storage locations of the data, the term ‘Cloud Delivery Network’ is often used.


  • Regional traffic delivery
  • Acceleration of the hosting infrastructure
  • Relief of the load on the server platform
  • SSL (optional)
  • Needs-oriented solution model: Premium Business CDN, Individual CDN
  • Administration by customer possible
  • Pay-per-use billing

Classic environments vs. CDN

Diagram Difference without CDN and with CDN

While classic environments are set up so that each user, regardless of their location, communicates with the same target system, data in a CDN is always passed on by the nearest CDN node. This manifests itself in a significant improvement in performance.

Product variants

We offer two CDN products: Premium Business CDN and Individual CDN. The Premium Business CDN is ideal for delivering classic web content (static content such as text, images, download material, etc.), whereas the Individual CDN is the first choice when it comes to static and dynamic content. It is suitable for live events or streaming larger media files (video/audio portals).

Premium Business CDN

A fair price for all regions

Premium Business CDN is a tailored planned un/encrypted caching CDN product. The configuration is planned in consultation with you and in line with your wishes. At least the CDN nodes in North America and Europe will be used. Furthermore, the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China) and the Latin American region can be used. On request, you can add your own SSL certificate. The service is only billed for what you use and you will receive the same low price for each region (APAC and LATAM up to max. 30 percent of the total traffic).

  • Customised, unencrypted/encrypted
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Transmission to the US and EU; APAC optional
  • Customised/neutral supername
  • Own SSL certificate possible
  • Usage-based payment, simple billing

Individual CDN

The best quality for high demands

Together with Akamai, one of the leading providers of website performance solutions, we provide a CDN product for challenging projects. The Akamai platform is just one network hop away from 90 percent of the world’s internet users. With more than 200,000 servers in over 3,300 locations in 122 countries, Akamai brings you closer to your end users, wherever they are. This helps us to deliver your content more quickly, enable closer collaboration between your employees and improve the performance of your business applications.

  • Customised, unencrypted/encrypted
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Transmission worldwide
  • Customised supername
  • Own SSL certificate possible
  • You choose the desired building blocks

Building blocks for the Individual CDN

The Akamai platform allows you to customise each aspect of the user or application experience - based on the requirements of your project. With flexible and configurable cloudlets and open APIs, Akamai allows you to fully customise your online strategy.


Building blocks
Image Manager
Web Application Protector
Bot Manager Standard
Building blocks

A CDN increases web performance - web performance determines the user experience

This is how your brain perceives loading times

0.1 seconds

The website seems to load immediately.

1 second

The website seems to load without problems.

10 seconds

Your attention went elsewhere long ago.

More than 10 seconds

You are gone.

Desktop users are demanding


the dissatisfied visitor goes to your competitor


retail customers expect pages to load in a maximum of 2 seconds


get a bad impression of the brand


never visit a slow website again


expect pages to load immediately

Websites are always becoming larger and more complex.

Diagram Website size 1995


The average page was just 14.1 KB and contained a total of 2.3 objects (e.g. HTML and image files).

Diagram Website size 2015


Pages are now an average of 2,161 KB in size and contain 108 objects. Images make up 60% of this size.

Diagram Website size today


At the current rate of growth, the average website size could already be 3,000 KB.

Source: infographic from Akamai

How a CDN works

Your advantages

  • Cost optimisation through lower bandwidth consumption
  • Performance optimisation (higher data transfer speeds)
  • Reduced risk of DDoS attacks


  • Origin server
  • Replica server
  • User

Because the data is stored at key points, a distribution system is created to manage the x number of origin servers and respond to a high number of requests.

In addition to the technical advantages, a CDN also reduces the threat of DDoS attacks, as these are distributed worldwide and do not affect just one single environment. As less bandwidth is used, the relevant costs can also be cut. PlusServer works together with reputable CDN providers, who provide you with your high-performance backbone.

DDoS Mitigation

Do you want additional security?

Performance and availability determine your business success. So don’t just deliver your data quickly to your customers, employees or business partners. Protect your environment from downtime caused by DDoS attacks. We are happy to advise you on the right DDoS protection for your needs.

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