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Colocation of your IT infrastructure

DAKOSY Case Study

DAKOSY Case Study

DAKOSY operates a backup infrastructure at the plusserver datacentre in Hamburg so that logistics will not come to a standstill, even in an emergency.

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We provide server racks in certified data centres

For hosting your server, we offer locations in several large German cities. We also have data centre locations in Strasbourg (F), Leeds (UK), St. Louis (USA).

Data security

Are you subject to particular legal or regulatory requirements? Is the precise location of your data processing infrastructure of particular relevance due to data protection, data security and control?

Our data centres in Germany rely on several infrastructure providers - we guarantee that, even when it comes to our virtual systems, all data will be processed within Germany if required.

You can find more information about our data centres here

Highlights of Colocation

  • Several colocation locations to choose from
  • Predictable bandwidths per uplink from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s
  • Assignment of IP networks in line with RIPE guidelines
  • Optional redundant switching paths (n+1) possible
  • Fire protection system
  • Cooling system with redundancy (n+1)
  • Power supply via two current feeds (A+B)
  • 24/7 staff for Remote Hands

Cloud consulting at plusserver

Whitepaper Colocation and Server Housing

The whitepaper answers frequently asked questions about Colocation or Server Housing, respectively. It thus provides valuable support for companies that are currently facing the make-or-buy question.

Download Colocation whitepaper [824.16 KB]

Who is Server Housing and Colocation suitable for?

Find out more about the conditions

Would you like your IT infrastructure to be professionally operated, but setting up your own data centre is out of the question due to the high costs and limited personnel resources? Then colocation is the right choice for you. Use the dedicated and lockable 19” racks in plusserver’s highly secured data centres, where you can professionally operate your own IT equipment.

For each dedicated rack you receive 2 x 16 amp power including emergency power supply, optimised rack air conditioning and 24/7 monitoring of the data centres. If required, you can always hire one of our experienced plusserver technicians to immediately intervene in case of a fault in your environment.

We offer colocation at our locations in Germany. Simply choose your desired site and then choose the approximate power requirements for running your infrastructure. It is of course also possible to obtain additional power at any time beyond your previously selected included volume. You then simply pay for the additional consumption in your next monthly bill.

Connecting your dedicated colocation rack is done via a transfer LAN (the Shared Switching Uplink). You can flexibly choose between 100 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s.

The traffic for your colocation is booked separately, but a traffic volume of 100 Mbit/s is already included. Corresponding IP networks for public communication over the internet are assigned in accordance with the RIPE-guidelines (IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region).

Optionally, you can also equip your Dedicated Colocation Rack with 4 x 16 amps. Site redundancies are also possible at several plusserver data centres. plusserver’s comprehensive management and service capabilities are also available to you, to help unburden your own staff or increase your infrastructure performance. Your sales representative will be happy to advise you about this.

Twin-site strategy for maximum availability

plusserver customer Midoco GmbH operates a cloud-based ERP system for the travel industry in a twin-site colocation at plusserver. The data are synchronously mirrored so that the site which is not affected can take over in the event of a fault. plusserver is the only provider in the Rhine-Ruhr region to offer this dual-site concept. It supplies SMEs with highly secure and highly redundant co-location solutions, which are otherwise only found in the enterprise sector.

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Redundant connectivity in major German cities

As a leading and specialised provider of IT infrastructure, we operate highly secure environments with the highest technical standards. We achieve excellent IT system availability via multiple redundant and simultaneous high speed data connections to various national and international carrier networks and network nodes via our own multi-carrier fibreglass backbone.

Comprehensive Managed Hosting Services to go with the individual services, as well as extensive services in the fields of backup, data storage, data recovery and high availability round off what we have to offer. The primary location for all colocation services is the data centre in Lyoner Straße in Frankfurt am Main. Additional space is available at the other data centre locations.

For customers who need a high degree of reliability, we offer various backup solutions in the context of our high-security solutions. These are available at various German and international locations.

Data Sheet Colocation

In the data sheet you will find more information about our offer for high-availability colocation/server housing.

Find out more about the connectivity, supplementary managed services and other features.

Download Colocation data sheet [1.37 MB]

Performance is very important to our customers, to ensure their digital message reaches their recipients. Thanks to plusserver’s nationwide redundant colocation network, we can provide online projects with the best level of performance for our customers throughout the German-speaking region. Julius Ewig, Managing Director of metapeople GmbH

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