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The latest DDoS facts

The latest DDoS facts

The new Akamai report „State of the Internet / Security” informs about the latest DDoS trends based on statistics and insights from the last quarter.

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Our comprehensive security concept

In addition to our managed hosting and cloud solutions, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity services. Because the volume and intensity of criminal activity on the internet is steadily rising. This in turn increases a company’s risk of suffering financial and image losses as a result of DDoS attacks, hacking or data theft.

We provide the following cybersecurity services

  • Leading DDoS mitigation solutions
  • Intrusion detection and protection (IDS/IPS)
  • Access security for our data centres using the latest technology
  • Firewalls and Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • Companies do not require their own cybersecurity expertise
  • Customised consulting and security concept from an in-house IT security team

Cybersecurity at PlusServer in detail

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS attacks differ in intensity and use a variety of attack vectors. They target different areas of application and network infrastructure. More complex attacks often also combine several attack vectors to strengthen the attack or elude bypass mechanisms. Sophisticated solutions are therefore required to ensure efficient DDoS protection. Our portfolio of DDoS solutions range from an entry-level solution through to a dedicated product, so we can optimally cover every need.



A modern firewall solution is another important component of your cybersecurity. High levels of visibility of the users, applications and devices in your network help you to ensure the security of your critical resources. Our firewall products cover the full spectrum of multivector threats and filter out harmful or unwanted traffic to proactively protect your valuable data from hacking or theft.

Why cybersecurity is important

  • 53% of German companies have been victims of industrial espionage, sabotage or data theft.
  • This resulted in damage of around 55 billion euros.
  • Sensitive data has been stolen from one in six companies.
  • Including communication data (41%) or financial data (36%).
Case Study DDoS

Case Study

DDoS-Schutz ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Security-Strategie.Erfahren Sie am Beispiel des PlusServer-Kunden, welche Erfahrungen das Unternehmen damit gemacht hat.

Download the case study now [284.91 KB]

Data theft, espionage, sabotage: one in two are affected

Was your company affected by data theft, industrial espionage or sabotage in the last 2 years?

Data theft total
Data theft 10-99 employees
Data theft 100-499 employees
Data theft 500+ employees



   Probably affected

   Not affected / do not know

Almost 55 billion euros in damages per year

Damages in Germany in billions of euros (based on self-assessment)

Damage totals in billions of euros

Costs for investigations and alternative measures


Sales losses due to competitor advantages


Patent infringements (also before application)


Company image damaged with customers or suppliers / negative media coverage


Costs for legal disputes


Failure, theft or damage of information and production systems or operations


Sales losses due to counterfeit products (piracy)


Data protection measures (e.g. customer information)


Extortion with stolen data or encrypted data


Other damages


Total damages within the last 2 years


(Source: Bitkom study “Business protection in the digital world” in July 2017)

We manage your cybersecurity

For us, the managed cloud means that we do more than just provide you with infrastructure. We want your business-critical processes to be available at all times with high performance levels, and for your valuable data to always be well protected. This is why our security concept considers both our internal controls and procedures, as well as all security services for our customers.

Certified data security

Independent institutions have tested and confirmed our infrastructure security. They include the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), whose IT baseline protection with its recommendations for standard security measure is considered a de facto standard for IT security.

TÜV Süd ISO 27001
IT baseline protection/ISO 27001
Eco Data centre Star Audit
Green Star
Made in Germany
  • The largest integrated network certified in accordance with IT Grundschutz by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • BSI-certified security standards also meet the highest requirements, such as in the healthcare or public sector
  • Certified data security according to international security standard ISO 27001 by TÜV SÜD
  • Certified for secure credit card payment (PCI DSS) by TÜV SÜD

Guaranteed availability

In addition to cybercrime, technical faults, power failures, natural disasters or even attacks can compromise the availability of your data. Our Service Level Agreement nevertheless guarantees you 99.99% availability of data centres as well as of the core network on average over the year.

Actually, however, we usually achieve even higher availability, such as 99.998% in 2016. A special redundancy concept, which also includes geo-redundancy between our data centres in Cologne and Dusseldorf, ensures that your business processes are not interrupted.

  • Business continuity solutions ensure operation even in exceptional cases (geo-redundancy, disaster recovery)
  • Multiple redundant infrastructure
  • Redundant connection
  • 24/7 monitoring of all functions in the data centre
  • Emergency power supply including UPS systems and diesel generators

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