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Security provided by firewalls

Next Generation Firewalls

In addition to DDoS, criminal activities which threaten the availability of your IT infrastructure are also on the rise. We support you with modern firewall solutions to effectively protect your hosted infrastructure from cybercrime. To keep your critical resources safe, you need a transparent overview of users, applications and devices, as well as of threats in your network. Our firewall products filter out undesirable or harmful traffic in order to proactively protect your valuable data from hacking or theft.

Highlights of our Firewalls

  • Operation of a Firewall solution by plusserver
  • Continuous updating and immediate replacement of defective hardware
  • Customer-specific security policy

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Dedicated Firewall

A Dedicated Firewall provides comprehensive protection of your data using state-of-the-art filter technology. It covers the entire spectrum of multivector threats, providing you with a high level of protection against unauthorised access to your servers. It also provides the highest throughput and performance, as dedicated physical resources are used exclusively by you.

Advantages of Dedicated Firewalls

  • Optional redundant design for maximum availability
  • Particularly suitable for environments with high demands on throughput and performance
  • Usual clients: companies with high security and performance requirements

Shared and Business Firewall

Our Shared Firewall and Business Firewall products protect your valuable data and maintain an overview of the potential threats in your network, as well as the activities of all users, components and applications. The Shared Firewall provides you with a high degree of security and flexibility on particularly favourable terms.

Next generation security services provide reliable protection against unauthorised access to your server as they cover the whole spectrum of multivector threats.

Advantages of Shared and Business Firewalls

  • Redundant infrastructure for maximum availability
  • Can be flexibly expanded in terms of performance at any time
  • Shared use of physical resources ensures the best price-to-performance ratio for the Shared and Business Firewalls
  • The Business Firewall offers higher bandwidths, as well as usage that is strictly and consistently shielded from other customers