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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

Managed Oracle RAC
(Real Application Cluster)

Your support from certified Oracle experts


We manage your database

Does your corporate software require use of an Oracle database? No problem. Our experts are happy to help you with setting up and running an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). Our database administrators help you from the initial concept through to subsequent fine-tuning and upgrades.

Our management includes, among other things, the monitoring of systems - servers, network operation, operating systems, storage, backup and security - as well as the installation of updates and security patches.

Highlights of Managed Oracle RAC

  • Planning, sizing and setup)
  • Highly available cluster with Shared Storage
  • Automatic swing in the event of failure (active/active/ASM)
  • Patches and updates
  • Support for the cluster framework (depending on the booked management level)

Let us advise you personally

System configuration with Oracle cluster

Work smoothly on a common database with the clustered and highly available Oracle database. Thanks to redundancies in the system configuration - both of the cluster and the storage - the environment meets the highest demands for performance and availability.

Managed Oracle system configuration

Managed Oracle Frameworks with plusserver

The plusserver Managed Oracle product is a highly available, clustered database, which meets the highest performance requirements. We rely on an Oracle Real Application Centre (RAC), which works on an active/active construct on a common database. The redundant configuration and access to the redundant shared storage systems mean that the environment meets the highest requirements for failsafe performance and availability.

The Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is an important component of the Oracle RAC, which regulates storage management and the effective distribution of resources.

We use redundantly connected servers as nodes and also equip them with a CPU specially designed for Oracle use cases. This processor perfectly covers the requirements of a high-performance Oracle RAC, as it meets both licencing and performance requirements.

You can rely on our expert know-how in configuring and operating Oracle RACs:

  • Setting up the cluster, together with planning and sizing
  • Construction of a high-availability cluster together with shared storage
  • Service is automatically changed in the event of a node failing (active/active/ASM)
  • Data is saved on a redundantly designed shared storage construct
  • Quarterly maintenance windows for applying patches and updates
  • Booking the appropriate infrastructure package is required
  • Support for the cluster framework depends on the booked management level of the underlying servers

What is Oracle RAC?

As a system environment of the Oracle database management system, the Oracle Real Application Cluster offers a very high degree of failsafe reliability. The design provides a cluster of several computers (nodes), which access the same database. The client computers (e.g. the workplace PCs of employees) obtain the required database services from these nodes. If one of the nodes fails, there are always other nodes available to continue serving the client computers.