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Microsoft SharePoint as a Managed Service

Whitepaper SharePoint

Whitepaper SharePoint

What are the advantages of a company using SharePoint and when is it worth using the tool as a Managed Service?

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For efficient collaboration within the company

The SharePoint collaboration tool allows companies to work together with their employees on joint projects – regardless of location, time or end device. The software ensures that all participants are always kept up to date with the latest files and information. This enables smoother business processes.

Together with our partner, direkt gruppe, we offer Microsoft SharePoint as a Managed Service in our data centres. This saves you the investment and operating costs of implementing SharePoint in your company. It is not necessary to use your own resources such as staff or hardware to successfully utilise the software. The scope and therefore the cost of this “remote operation” can be adjusted to the needs of your company.

SharePoint functions

The central tool offers numerous useful functions under a uniform interface

Communicate via a central solution

Enterprise search
Find people and information quickly and reliably

Make informed decisions based on relevant information

Access available libraries online or offline

Securely share information with colleagues and external business partners

Use and link up shared or individual calendars

Social network
Effectively collaborate with colleagues, team members and business partners

Alerts & feeds
Selective organisation of the relevant information for each user

How we plan your SharePoint solution


1. Planning phase

Planning phase with clarification of all relevant questions by PlusServer via the Account Manager, Presales Consultant and other experts from specialist teams, where appropriate


2. Detailed planning

Detailed planning of the entire infrastructure: server landscape, network and other solutions such as load balancers and firewalls


3. Provision

PlusServer provides the required licences such as Windows Server, MS SQL server and SharePoint


4. Service level

Set the service level – adjustment is possible at any time

SharePoint installations with PlusServer

SharePoint Online/SaaS

In this model, SharePoint is used as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product from PlusServer via the Microsoft Cloud. SharePoint is always up to date, but the customer is responsible for managing SharePoint.

SharePoint – own installation with Managed Service

The planning, provision, management and adjustment of the SharePoint environment take place in the PlusServer data centre. Installation is carried out on specially provided customer servers.

SharePoint in Azure/IaaS

You extend your local environment to include Microsoft Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and have SharePoint 2016 servers there. We recommend this model for high availability or emergency recovery, and for test/development environments.

SharePoint Hybrid

A combination of the SaaS product SharePoint Online and a dedicated SharePoint installation from the PlusServer data centre. You can integrate SharePoint online services into your SharePoint portfolio and thereby start developing SaaS expertise in your company. This allows SharePoint websites and apps to move to the cloud at your own pace.