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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

Microsoft SQL Server with the bonus of management

Certified system engineers help you with your MS SQL servers

Our expertise for your databases

The Microsoft SQL Server gives you exceptional performance for business-critical applications. You can get even more out of the powerful database by using a perfectly matched hosting or cloud environment and putting the management of the SQL installation in the hands of experts. Our Microsoft-certified system engineers are at your disposal.

An overview of our services

We provide you with the necessary licences for Microsoft SQL.


  • We prepare the server for application service
  • If booked, we set up failover clustering
  • We install the Microsoft SQL Server (including the available options and features)
  • We also install the corresponding Microsoft SQL Server service packs
  • We set up monitoring for the SQL server


  • We set up/configure the Microsoft SQL Server service accounts and SPNs for you
  • We configure supported protocols (named pipes, TCP port, allocation of IP addresses and SSL certificates)
  • Database mirroring and/or AlwaysOn (if booked)
  • Database encryption with TDE
  • plusserver monitoring
  • Database backups and maintenance jobs


  • We replace defective database mirrors or AlwaysOn availability groups
  • Restart/stop/start services
  • We update managed servers after consultation with all recommended security patches, service packs and hot fixes
  • Failover/failback and AlwaysOn

We support the following versions:


The SQL Server Enterprise Edition is the premium edition of the series. It offers comprehensive fields of application in the data centre with particularly good performance. Ideal for business-critical workloads.


The SQL Server Standard Edition provides departments and smaller companies with effective database management that requires minimal IT resources. It also supports general development tools locally and in the cloud.


The SQL Server Web Edition is ideally suited to web hosters and companies, as it provides cost-effective scalability and management options for web presences of any size. The Web Edition also has low procurement and operating costs.


Create small, data-driven web and mobile applications up to 10 GB with this entry-level database. Available free of charge.

Why managed MS SQL from plusserver?

Flexible scalability

Remain flexible thanks to easy scaling of your managed SQL server resources and save on the over-provisioning of unused resources.

Optimal availability

With our support for Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn, database mirroring and database snapshots, you can be sure your business is always running smoothly.

Highest performance

You can store your Microsoft SQL instances both locally on hard drives and remotely on a shared storage tier. Both options give you a choice of what performance level the storage should have. You even have the option of saving your database on high-performing NVMe-SSDs.

Elimination of vulnerabilities

When you use Managed Microsoft SQL, plusserver supports you in eliminating vulnerabilities and bugs by introducing cumulative updates, service packs and security patches from Microsoft after consultation with you.

Additional option: Managed Microsoft SQL Always On

We are happy to handle the set up of a high availability solution (Windows cluster) for a Microsoft SQL database. This is based on the Windows Failover Cluster Framework combined with extended AlwaysOn availability groups.

A Windows cluster consists of independent servers that interact with one another, thereby ensuring availability of the Microsoft SQL databases through availability groups. The servers are networked via redundant connections and software, so that, in addition to primary database services, secondary services are also available for backup or read access partly synchronously and partly asynchronously. If a node fails, a synchronous node can seamlessly take over the workload.