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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

We ensure clean traffic

and planning security when it comes to costs

100 Mbit/s data traffic is already included

First-class, predictable network traffic for your hosting environment: depending on your wishes and requirements, we can provide you with traffic of 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s for your uplink ports to basic products (server, colocation, entire environments or cloud solutions).

100 Mbit/s are already included and therefore free of charge. With our first-class and Europe-wide backbone, you also benefit from minimal latencies to all major providers worldwide.

High-performance backbone

Our core backbone connects the plusserver data centres, with more than 250 Gbit/s of uplink capacity, to the international network. With direct interconnections such as, for example DE-CIX in Germany and LINX in the UK, as well as a large number of carriers we provide one of the best performing backbones in Europe with the lowest latencies.

Our backbone was designed with multiple redundancies to ensure maximum availability and fail-safe protection. If a line fails then traffic is simply routed via the line of another carrier. In this way we can achieve network availability of 99.99%.


  • Premium traffic via multiple redundancy
  • Connection to Europe’s largest peering points DE-CIX, LINX
  • Premium upstream providers (e.g. DTAG, Telia)
  • Use of the intra-European backbone
  • Guaranteed availabilities and latency in accordance with Service Level Agreements
  • Internal traffic free of charge

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Locations and data centres
  • Multiple 20 GigE double rings with direct connection in Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, London, Strasbourg, Gütersloh
  • Branded hardware for
    all router components
  • Triple-redundant lead-in in our data centre for maximum availability of the network connection
  • Multi-redundant connection to high-performance carrier
  • In the event of a cable malfunction, traffic can be routed directly via the cable of another carrier
  • Over 50 glass fibre cables for the highest possible increase in bandwidth

Our customers - successful with plusserver

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