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Content Delivery Network data sheet

CDN data sheet

Unburden and accelerate your hosting environment with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We offer two different types of CDN product: caching CDN and streaming CDN.

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CDN Services

A CDN allows you to quickly access your data from anywhere in the world, as well as providing the increased performance and security of your systems.

A content delivery network, or content distribution network (CDN for short) is a globally distributed network for relieving the load on and accelerating your hosting environment. Other servers (replica servers) are used in addition to the servers (origin servers) of the central hosting platform. These replica servers are distributed at strategic positions on the Internet and are called CDN nodes.

The data from the origin servers is cached at the CDN nodes. This significantly reduces the geographic proximity of the end user to the CDN nodes, as well as the latency between clients and servers and the load on the main platform. Because of the distributed storage locations of the data, the term ‘Cloud Delivery Network’ is often used.


  • Regional traffic delivery
  • Acceleration of the hosting infrastructure
  • Relief of the load on the server platform
  • SSL (optional)
  • Needs-oriented solution model: shared CDN, business CDN, individual CDN
  • Administration by customer possible
  • Pay-per-use billing

How a CDN works

Your advantages

  • Cost optimisation through lower bandwidth consumption
  • Performance optimisation (higher data transfer speeds)
  • Reduced risk of DDoS attacks


  • Origin server
  • Replica server
  • User

Because the data is stored at key points, a distribution system is created to manage the x number of origin servers and respond to a high number of requests.

In addition to the technical advantages, a CDN also reduces the threat of DDoS attacks, as these are distributed worldwide and do not affect just one single environment.

As less bandwidth is used, the relevant costs can also be cut. PlusServer works together with reputable CDN providers, who provide you with your high-performance backbone.

Product variants

Two variants of CDN products are on offer: caching CDN and streaming CDN. The caching CDN is perfect for outsourcing conventional Web content (texts, images, download material etc.), whereas the streaming CDN is the number one choice when it comes to live events or streaming larger media files (video/audio portals).

  • Shared CDN
  • Standardised & unencrypted
  • Predefined configuration
  • Transmission to the US and EU
  • Business CDN
  • Customised, unencrypted/encrypted
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Transmission to the US and EU; APAC optional
  • Customised/neutral supername
  • Individual CDN
  • Customised, unencrypted/encrypted
  • Customer-specific configuration
  • Transmission worldwide
  • Customised supername

Our CDN solution partner

  • Akamai
  • Level 3

Shared Switching

With switching products for the individual environment: Using VLANs, you can group your environment and customise it in line with your security and data throughput requirements. Shared Switching is obligatory for public networks with traffic up to 100 Mbit/s included. The bandwidth and application are each planned individually.

As a result, virtual LAN segments are possible for various scenarios: Uplink, DMZ, private, storage, backup. The bandwidths vary from host to host from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. You can also equip the shared switching redundantly or supplement it with VLAN trunking.


  • Increased security at ethernet level
  • Assignment of IP networks in line with RIPE guidelines
  • Predictable bandwidths per port from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s
  • Optional redundant switching paths (n+1) possible
  • Internal traffic within the PlusServer backbone free of charge
  • External traffic of 100 Mbit/s free of charge
  • Optional VLAN trunking
  • Compatible bandwidths with other shared products

Dedicated Load Balancer

A dedicated load balancer provides you with the secure, reliable and high-performance provision of your business critical applications and content, particularly in environments with high requirements placed on throughput and performance. The intelligent, dynamic and situation-dependent distribution of users and connections to your resources takes place via an external interface.

Das PlusServer-Produkt Dedicated Load Balancer bietet Lastverteilungs-Services der nächsten Generation für Unternehmen, die großen Wert auf Zuverlässigkeit und Dynamik legen. Durch einen beschleunigten, zuverlässigeren und effizienteren Zugriff auf Ressourcen entsteht ein optimales Nutzer-Erlebnis. Indem Sie dedizierte physische Ressourcen exklusiv nutzen, ergibt sich ein Höchstmaß an Datendurchsatz und Performance.


  • Operation of a Dedicated Load Balancer solution by PlusServer
  • Optional redundant design for maximum availability
  • Continuous updating and immediate replacement of defective hardware
  • Customer-specific load balancing policy

Shared Load Balancer

A Shared Load Balancer provides you with the secure, reliable and high-performance provision of applications under very attractive conditions. In order to rapidly access your business critical applications and content at any time, you require an external interface that distributes your users and connections to your resources in an intelligent, dynamic and situation-dependent way.

Ein Shared Load Balancer bietet Unternehmen Lastverteilungs-Services der nächsten Generation mit besonderem Fokus auf Zuverlässigkeit und Flexibilität. Dank eines beschleunigten, zuverlässigeren und effizienteren Zugriffs auf Ressourcen erfahren Ihre Nutzer eine bestmögliche Performance. Durch die gemeinsame, logisch streng voneinander getrennte Nutzung derselben physischen Ressource mit PlusServer sowie deren Kunden und die daraus resultierende effiziente Nutzung von Ressourcen ergibt sich ein optimales Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis.


  • Operation of a Shared Load Balancer solution by PlusServer
  • Redundant infrastructure for maximum availability
  • Can be flexibly expanded in terms of performance at any time
  • Continuous updating and immediate replacement of defective hardware
  • Customer-specific load balancing policy


First-class, predictable network traffic for your hosting environment: depending on your wishes and requirements, we can provide you with traffic of 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s for your uplink ports to basic products (server, colocation, entire environments or cloud solutions).

100 Mbit/s are already included and therefore free of charge. With our first-class and Europe-wide backbone, you also benefit from minimal latencies to all major providers worldwide.


  • Premium traffic via multiple redundancy
  • Use of the intra-European backbone
  • Premium upstream providers (e.g. DTAG, Telia)
  • Connection to Europe’s largest peering points DE-CIX, LINX
  • Guaranteed availabilities and latency in accordance with Service Level Agreements
  • Internal traffic free of charge

High-performance backbone

Our core backbone connects the PlusServer data centres, with more than 250 Gbit/s of uplink capacity, to the international network.

With direct interconnections such as, for example DE-CIX in Germany and LINX in the UK, as well as a large number of carriers we provide one of the best performing backbones in Europe with the lowest latencies.

Our backbone was designed with multiple redundancies to ensure maximum availability and fail-safe protection. If a line fails then traffic is simply routed via the line of another carrier. In this way we can achieve network availability of 99.99%.


  • Ring 1: Cologne – Frankfurt – London
  • Ring 2: Cologne – Frankfurt
  • Ring 3: Cologne – Gütersloh
  • Ring 4: Frankfurt – Strasbourg
  • Ring 5: Frankfurt – Dusseldorf – Hamburg – Berlin – Munich
  • Ring 6: London – Leeds
  • Upstream
  • Peering
  • Multiple 20 GigE double rings with direct connection in Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, London, Strasbourg, Gütersloh
  • Branded hardware for
    all router components
  • Triple-redundant lead-in in our data centre for maximum availability of the network connection
  • Multi-redundant connection to high-performance carrier
  • In the event of a cable malfunction, traffic can be routed directly via the cable of another carrier
  • Over 50 glass fibre cables for the highest possible increase in bandwidth

Our customers - successful with PlusServer

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    • Toyota
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