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DevOps – For greater agility and improved quality

DevOps used efficiently

Whether you’re only just designing your IT strategy or it’s already in operation, plusserver will provide you with the necessary organisational and procedural structures – taking care of the paperwork and the live implementation too. We are “DevOps” and we’re passionate about creating agile, robust IT systems. We provide consulting, business concepts and roadmaps right through to detailed process and solutions architectures, which we not only design but also implement on the basis of our extensive experience.

Whether you’ve already established DevOps in your firm or are currently in the planning stages of doing so: We would be happy to support you with the implementation of a carefully considered DevOps strategy in your company or with the optimisation of your existing processes. We can help you with the selection of suitable tools right through to the establishment of the necessary structures.

What is DevOps?

The word DevOps is a fusion of two areas: Development and Operations. The approach is therefore based on close collaboration between software developers and IT operations colleagues. Using automated and standardised processes the two areas can implement new software and infrastructure services faster and even more reliably. The DevOps approach also directly integrates the specialisms, which leads to the faster acceptance and use of new applications. Common driving forces behind the DevOps approach are increasing requirements with regard to quality and cost efficiency as well as the pressure of a faster time to market.

Our advantages for DevOps

  • More frequent deployments
  • Lower rate of error for new releases
  • Quicker bug fixes
  • Shorter time to market
  • Faster MTR
  • Improved cooperation
  • High degree of scalability

Let us advise you personally

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