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Your core competence is your field of business. Ours is developing customised hosting and cloud projects for your individual needs, allowing you to focus entirely on your company’s success. Our experts focus on the complex architectures behind your business. We also support you in smoothly migrating your IT without interrupting your online applications.

Why cloud consulting?

With various operating models such as Public Cloud, Private Cloud and hybrid solutions, the market offers a number of ways to flexibly host data and applications. However, careful planning and implementation are necessary to ensure that the resources from the cloud are actually being used in the right way.

You must consider whether sensitive data or your company’s compliance policies require a Private Cloud. Alternatively, you may only need temporary resources from a Private Cloud to handle peak loads.

The applications are as diverse as the solutions offered. With our cloud consulting services, we take into account the individual needs of your company - we work with you to determine what you really need, implement the project for you and look after it throughout the lifecycle.

Our customers - successful with PlusServer

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As a hosting architect, I take care of planning and outlining individual customer solutions. However, I am not only involved in the conception phase. I am also available at any time with advice for service managers during implementation and subsequent operation. Andreas Meissner, Hosting Architect

We design tailored cloud solutions

Just tell us what you need - we will be happy to design the right cloud infrastructure for you. More and more so-called hybrid or multi-cloud scenarios are being used.

For example, existing infrastructures (on premises) can be combined with a Public Cloud such as AWS to achieve the optimal combination of performance, compliance and scalability.

Example of a hybrid infrastructure

Example of a hybrid infrastructure with autoscaling in the Public Cloud.

Cloud consulting at PlusServer

Our range of services in cloud consulting range from the planning and design, to migration and implementation and through to operation and the ongoing optimisation of your setup.

1. Planning & design

  • High Availability
  • Automation

2. Migration & implementation

  • Seamless integration
  • Innovation

3. Operation & management

  • Monitoring
  • 24/7 support

4. Optimisation

  • New services & features
  • Cost optimisation

We help you to find the best cloud solution for your project.

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Managed Cloud

Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud in German DCs based on VMware or OpenStack.

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The tailor-made cloud platform for individual requirements.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

The cloud solution with the best of all worlds.

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