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Infrastructure as Code

Leverage programmable infrastructures to create cloud environments in a faster and more agile manner

IaC as a digital transformation driver

The cloud enables companies to automate many IT processes and routines, reducing the burden on their IT teams. Infrastructure as code is an important means towards this end, with scripts replacing manual activities, which in turn ensures consistent and repeatable processes. The resources required to run an application, such as memory, processing power or a network, are described in computer language. Activities such as version control, test automation, modularisation, parameterisation as well as continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) are just a few examples of what infrastructure as code can improve.

The use of infrastructure as code provides the following advantages, among others

Increased quality and efficiency
Automated processes
in the cloud instead of manual processes.

Easy management
Easy adaptation, duplication, deletion and versioning of infrastructure components.

High degree of elasticity
IaC frameworks reflect complex processes and can be adapted to different systems.

Low risks
Infrastructures are provided more quickly and changes are always traceable.


Reducing your IT workload
Rather than operating infrastructures locally, they are simply provided in the cloud via command line or API.

Greater flexibility
IT resources are created using code as needed, whether for a single application or an entire data centre.

Promoting DevOps
IaC facilitates closer collaboration between development and operations teams.

Infrastructure as a code in the pluscloud

Private Cloud

The pluscloud not only provides flexible IT resources in four data centres in Germany. It also offers you the option of managing all resources via both a graphical interface and infrastructure as code, which in turn allows you to deploy even complex cloud solutions in the background within minutes.

Make even more efficient use of the pluscloud by leveraging container technology. With pluscontainer we offer you a Managed Kubernetes solution that gives you all the advantages of container orchestration with minimal effort. For example, you can implement automated development and deployment scenarios to stay agile and competitive.

Find out more about the pluscloud

Successful digitalisation with Cloud automation

In the course of the digital transformation, software applications and large volumes of data are becoming increasingly important within companies. Cloud automation is the generic term for the automation of infrastructure provision, configuration management, and the testing and releasing of applications. The purpose of this is to allow companies with a more classic IT structure to keep pace with companies that were “born in the Cloud”.

For the most part, the following four measures have to be implemented for successful Cloud automation.

Use of Cloud resources

Connection of existing IT to the Cloud

Cloud-native development (microservices and containers)

DevOps principles

Getting support from a specialised partner who has extensive experience with IT transformation and Cloud automation is advisable. We would be pleased to advise you on this topic.

Benefits of Cloud automation

How companies benefit from Cloud automation

0 %


record an increase in sales

0 %


improve the customer experience

0 %


increase the speed of product and service provision

0 %


improve software development quality

0 %


implement business model innovations faster

“The automation advantage”, Capgemini/Sogeti, 2018

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