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Managed Service data sheet

Managed Service data sheet

Determine yourself which services you want PlusServer to take care of for you and how these services are to be billed.

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Infrastructure, operations and service management

Our variety of service packs and management levels do not force you into a constricting framework, but adapt to your individual needs. You decide which support services you want PlusServer to take on and how they are to be billed. This gives you a consistent and transparent support structure which provides a solid foundation for your hosting environment.

The services included in the respective tariffs are clearly defined and completely transparent.

While support rates apply uniformly to all customer contracts, the management level for each hosting component can be determined individually.

Management Level

Identify the individual service and support services you want for each of your components. You specify in which areas you wish to retain sole control, or where you would prefer to outsource tiresome or complicated tasks to us. This allows you to remain agile without losing focus on your core business.

Infrastructure Management

You retain administrator rights – we ensure the reliable operation of your hardware and rectify defects on your network infrastructure.

In doing so, we guarantee you short response times and offer you hardware exchanges and remote hands around the clock. In addition, you will have dedicated contact persons in sales and technology who know you and your environment and are therefore in the position to offer the best possible assistance.

Operations Management

We share administrator rights with you, declutter your system and server services and proactively inform you of available security updates.

This option gives you the opportunity to remain master of your system and therefore be able to respond quickly to commercial changes, without having to set up a cost-intensive on-call service. In addition, you also benefit from our wide-ranging expertise, which we have obtained over decades of work on a large number of products.

Service Management

You receive a complete service and we provide professional assistance for all subordinate levels.

This management level completely relieves you of the complexity of the respective service. You simply use the function required and we look after the rest, so this gives you maximum added value while keeping complexity to a minimum.

Detailed overview




Guaranteed response time: 30 minutes

Hardware replacement: 24/7/4

Dedicated contacts in sales

Troubleshooting in the event of hardware or network infrastructure errors

Changes to configurations can be ordered

PlusServer monitors the supported services via system administration (proactive monitoring)

Proactive notification of available security updates

Administration of the operating system and server services by PlusServer

Complete 24/7 administration by PlusServer, covering operation, monitoring, fault elimination and maintenance

Support tariffs

Our fair service packages mean you only pay for the support you actually need. And if you require more hours than you had planned or tailored services, we will gladly put together a customised package for you. You can of course easily switch between these two basic models or the inclusive units. On the basis of our many years of experience, our employees help you to identify the right combination for your setup. We generally distinguish between two different types of billing models in this case:


Perfect for anyone who rarely requires support and operates the environment themselves. We will of course help you as soon as you need our assistance.

Inclusive units

For all customers who have work performed regularly by PlusServer and want to secure attractive conditions.

Application Management

In addition to the above mentioned management levels and support tariffs, we also offer you the option to operate applications on your behalf – you can choose whether we do this entirely or just in part.

Our range extends from databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Galera etc.) to clusters (DRBD, Red Hat, Windows etc.) and even dedicated cloud setups (e.g. VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V). We do of course also take over operation of individual applications.

Domains and SSL

Looking for more services to supplement your hosting environment? On this page you can find information on domain management and SSL certificates.

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