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Software development data sheet

Software development data sheet

Learn more about your tailored application plus Managed Hosting from a single source. The complete solution for your online project.

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Software development –
Application development for the network

What was once the exception has now become the standard: anyone today who develops an application which is not based on web technology needs to have a good reason for doing so. PlusServer programs state of the art web applications for efficient use online or on the intranet.

Some projects cannot be implemented by just changing an existing solution. PlusServer can fully exploit its expertise and strengths in creating proven development concepts for challenging tasks - all in line with your unique project requirements.

Do you want to map the specific workflows of your business model? Need large amounts of data to be processed quickly? Have the application used by lots of people at the same time? Do you have high security requirements? We create solutions with a clear technology concept for these and many other requirements. And we develop them further, if necessary.


  • Hosting solutions including suitable software from a single source
  • Tailored web applications
  • Transparent costs
  • Close collaboration with the client
  • Extensive test phase before go live
  • Installation and operation by PlusServer
  • Further support and development after transfer to the client

Let us advise you personally

Development with a concept

Every software project is customised. This is why PlusServer maintains a uniform procedure model throughout each implementation to ensure project success.

  • Offer
    We create an offer on the basis of your content requirements, usually at a fixed price.
  • Detailed concept
    The details of implementation are described in the detailed concept or specification. Implementation is carried out after acceptance of the detailed design concept.
  • Programming
    In programming, we work closely with out customers. This is why we provide developer versions as an early preview, so we are able to integrate in the customer’s feedback and change requests.
  • Test phase
    A test plan is created and implemented as the basis for the detailed concept. The test plans are also made available to the customer to support them in their acceptance of the project.
  • Transfer
    We typically provide the customer with the documentation and source code for the project.
  • Maintenance
    We take care of maintenance and further development.

Technology – Java/J2EE, PHP, Web 2.0, XML, SQL, ...

You can have peace of mind by leaving the selection and implementation of the most suitable web technology to PlusServer. Still interested? Find out here which technologies we use and why.

Proven in the backend

We work with the common programming languages of Java/J2EE and PHP during software development in the backend. We like to use PostgreSQL as a database as we find the useful features of this open source database system to be very strong.

Modern in the frontend

PlusServer creates web applications that feel as interactive as a desktop application by using the latest frontend technologies. These include CSS, HTML5 and current JavaScript libraries like jQuery. Responsive design allows for optimal user experience on the desktop, tablet or smartphone.


PlusServer relies on proven tools such as the source management via GIT for the planning and organisation of software projects. We use the web-based project management system, Redmine, for internal communication. If necessary, we also create access for customers or external project participants.

Practical examples

Modern web applications thankfully do not bear much resemblance to the grey input fields of the internet from the 90s. Their look and feel is similar to desktop programs, they are comfortable to use and have versatile fields of application. Numerous customers for whom we have developed web applications benefit from these advantages.

Project Federal Gazette

The Federal Gazette, published by the Federal Ministry of Justice, is the central announcement and notification body of the German federal authorities. The technical requirements for their online presence:

  • Full text search of over 7 million publications in milliseconds with sorting by relevance
  • Customer management, order management, web services
  • High security requirements
  • Redundant and scalable

Technologies used: Java/J2EE, XML, JavaScript/Ajax and PostgreSQL.

Project Geo information system (GIS)

A map says more than 1,000 words - which is why the solution developed for an international company displays their locations, the locations of sales partners, competitors and points of interest on interactive maps. As the solution was based on a local open street map installation, the protection of sensitive data is ensured at all times.

Technologies used: PHP, XML, JavaScript/Ajax, PostgreSQL and OpenStreetMap.

Project Intranet tools

We developed web-based tools that enable employees at several locations to provide optimal care for policyholders for a large German insurance company. Web interfaces can be searched quickly in case of damages and efficiently investigated by the suitable service providers. The search results are listed in a table and shown on interactive maps.

Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript/Ajax and Google Maps.

Software solutions from a single source

PlusServer takes care of the entire software project: from the design through to development and installation, all the way through to operation and further development.

The close interlinking of our development team with our expertise in Managed Hosting means your application and hosting solution can be precisely coordinated. So we achieve optimal performance.

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