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The right cloud for your business at any time. Full planning security with a dedicated tariff.

  • The first German multi-cloud tariff
  • One point of contact, one contract, one invoice
  • pluscloud, AWS, GCP, Azure: flexible use without a contractual lock-in

How our multi-cloud tariff supports your digital business

Digital workloads can bring with them very different requirements in terms of the underlying infrastructure. Wouldn’t it be an advantage if your company could simply choose the right cloud for each project? Until now, however, contractual (and often technical) hurdles have stood in the way.

With our new plus.one tariff, we pave the way to a multi-cloud environment with a free choice of the best cloud platform and components. Utilise resources in the pluscloud and the GAIA-X compatible pluscloud open. With AWS, Microsoft Azure or in the Google Cloud – anything goes. Switching from one cloud to another, for example, if the conditions of a provider change, is also possible with plus.one.

This means that you only have one contract at all times, a dedicated, easy-to-plan tariff and one point of contact at plusserver who understands you and your business. Our team will also be happy to support you with the technical implementation of your multi-cloud.

plus.one – Your advantages at a glance

Avoid a commercial lock-in

Plannable monthly budgets

Use the right
cloud at any time

German-speaking, 24/7 support for all clouds

One transparent contract
for all clouds

A dedicated point of contact who advises on the right solution

FAQ about plus.one

  • What monthly tariffs are available?

    Here, we cover the different needs of SME and large corporations alike. We will be happy to advise you personally to determine your suitable model.

  • How do I know which tariff is right for me?

    We will be happy to advise you in advance if you have not yet got the ball rolling with the cloud and do not yet have any experience. You also have the option of starting your cloud journey without plus.one and securing your suitable tariff only at a later stage.

  • What happens if I over- or undershoot the monthly budget?

    Any overrun or underrun in each month is recorded on your monthly statement. At the end of the year, you may have to make an additional payment. This is comparable with an electricity bill.

  • Is plus.one a flat rate?

    No, because although you can essentially use as much cloud as you want under a Fair Use Policy, you will still be charged for exceeding your budget at the end of the year.

  • Which cloud solutions can I use with plus.one?

    At present, you can use pluscloud, pluscloud open, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

  • What are the advantages/differences of the individual clouds?

    The cloud platforms differ, for example, in location. For example, the pluscloud solutions are offered exclusively in German data centres, which is relevant for companies that want data protection in line with the GDPR. Clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP, on the other hand, offer worldwide locations, which can be interesting when concerning global web presences.

A multi-cloud tariff for your flexible infrastructure


The European cloud

Rent IT resources flexibly. GDPR-compliant in German data centres. Also available as an open source cloud.


Popular in e-commerce

Consulting, project support and operation by plusserver. 24/7 support, monitoring and fault handling.


Tried-and-tested Google technology

Flexible, global cloud resources. We ensure a smooth operation for you right around the clock.


Microsoft Cloud

Take full advantage of all the benefits and hassle-free integration of the diverse cloud resources with us.

With our plus.one tariff, we offer your company unique flexibility in the choice of cloud solutions. This allows you to react to current requirements at any time in an optimal way and not be locked in to an unfavourable contract. Florian Weigmann, Chief Product Officer

Let us advise you

Multi-cloud: cleverly combining your advantages


With a multi-cloud model, the most diverse requirements of your departments can be met and a best-of-breed setup implemented. In doing so, you can transform your company step by step while remaining competitive.

Discover more about multi-cloud

The technical basis of your multi-cloud:
Infrastructure as Code

By replacing manual cloud management activities with scripts, you automate your IT processes and routines. This de-burdens your IT team, leaving staff with more time for your core business. In addition, choosing a universal programming language helps you to design your setup independently of a specific cloud platform. This also allows you to optimally map a multi-cloud scenario from a technical standpoint: your code can then be executed in the same way on every platform.

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