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Use an efficient IoT solution directly and easily in the pluscloud and always have important process data in view.

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You can rely on our many years of experience to operate your SAP Basis environment. We relieve your IT department and look after you personally.

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Ensure greater performance and better availability of your shop, web portal or company website through optimised cloud solutions.

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Big data

Available soon: Collect, evaluate and profitably use data in the cloud.


Database Services for PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle and many other databases.

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Your easy entry into the world of containers. We bring new speed to your processes with Managed Kubernetes and the right cloud infrastructure.

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Use our comprehensive portfolio of solutions for your cloud security. From DDoS protection through to secure application access.

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Available soon: Work efficiently with Kubernetes in a multi-cloud environment

AWS Cloud

plusserver is an AWS Consulting Partner and provides Managed Cloud solutions for the comprehensive Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

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Google Cloud

Our certified Professional Cloud Experts are here to help you get the most out of the Google Cloud XaaS services.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in certified German data centres – you benefit from the stable and secure pluscloud.

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Hybrid Connector

Stay future-proof and expand your IT into the cloud as needed. The Hybrid Connector creates secure and direct connections.

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your next gen cloud business

Modular solutions and modern technologies from the European cloud.
Can be combined directly and easily – even with your existing systems.

As a genuine multi-cloud stack, plus.io makes advanced IT technology immediately available to your company: resources from our own pluscloud in German data centres or your preferred hyperscaler cloud. The direct use of containers or management using Kubernetes. Orchestration via command lines or uniform graphical interfaces. For web solutions or business solutions. plus.io offers the right module for each of these requirements.

Simply create a best-of-breed setup via the platform. Fast, flexible and future-proof. With the help of the Hybrid Connector, your dedicated or on-premise resources are also easily connected to plus.io. In this way, you can transform your existing IT landscape into a flexible Hybrid Cloud, benefit from the advantages of the digital world while keeping an eye on your costs.

Your command centre

Managing complex IT infrastructures and multi-cloud setups is a challenge for many companies. plus.io allows you to manage everything very easily and from a central point: both your existing IT in connection with your indivi­dual cloud platform and components such as Managed Kubernetes as well as solutions such as SAP.

Focus on your workloads

Use plus.io for the efficient and future-oriented operation of your workloads and app­lications. The platform offers you the oppor­tunity to migrate and transform them flexibly and at your own pace. Whether you use the pluscloud, one of our hyperscaler partners or a modern multi-cloud – everything is possible.

Complete tool stack

Every modern IT architecture aims at auto­ma­ti­on in order to safely reproduce recurring and dynamic ta­sk­s. In plus.io, all of the necessary tools are already embedded to make your IT processes faster, more error-­free and therefore more secure through automation. All supported by our 24/7 tech support.

How plus.io supports your digitization

Cost reduction

With plus.io you can use cloud resources as needed and scale up or down at any time. You only pay for the performance you use at any given time. What's more, the cloud requires no initial investment in hardware, personnel or know-how. This also pays off in the long term: maintenance costs are eliminated and downtimes are significantly reduced.


Whether you are about to migrate to SAP S4/HANA, open up new digital sales channels or enable mobile, cross-location collaboration - all this requires additional resources that need to be integrated and managed. This is where plus.io can help you connect existing IT to the cloud and migrate and transform at your own pace.


In business, things do not always run in a straight line. But unexpected events are easier to manage if IT, the backbone of business-critical processes, can react flexibly. Since both resources and comprehensive services are obtained on demand via plus.io, companies are always optimally positioned.


IT teams today are heavily burdened with the management of complex infrastructures and the demands of new workloads, while at the same time facing cost pressures. In addition to simple migration and transformation, plus.io therefore also offers long-term relief: centralized multi-cloud management, a broad tool stack and 24/7 tech support enable you to concentrate fully on your core business.

With plus.io we support companies in transforming and modernising their IT step-by-step or in their entirety, so that they can meet the current and future demands of the digitised market and their customers. Florian Weigmann, Chief Product Officer

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plus.io: benefits for you at a glance

Cloud neutrality and compatibility – no lock-in

  • Focus on workloads and applications
  • Flexible scaling in the data-sovereign pluscloud or in the public cloud
  • Optimal interaction between existing systems and cloud setups in one platform

Security through automation

  • Automated processes as well as “build & destroy” approaches enable process and IT security
  • Better focus on the company’s own core business

Managed Kubernetes

  • Fast and reliable creation, implementation and scaling
  • Use via command line, API or GUI

Optimisation of workloads

  • Reliable, fully managed enterprise-level operations
  • Supported by 24/7 tech support

Try pluscloud for 30 days free of charge

Try it for 30 days and see how the pluscloud supports your digital projects. Find out how

  • the cloud feels in practice,
  • what advantages the pluscloud offers and
  • how you can use the pluscloud in the best way possible for your business operations
Try it out for 30 days free of charge

Hybrid Connector paves the way to multi-clouds

Hybrid Connector

Single, hybrid or multi-cloud - with plus.io you can easily create the right cloud for your needs. Either via self-service or by booking our service team. With the help of the Hybrid Connector not only your existing resources are directly connected. The cloud platforms AWS and Google Cloud are also available to you. Thus, IT that was previously hardly mobile can now be quickly transformed into a flexible hybrid or multi-cloud.

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