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Vulnerability scanner

Your tool to combat vulnerabilities

  • Detection of security vulnerabilities
  • Scanning of complete network environments
  • Unlimited number of scans per month
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Security analysis and tips

Identifying weak points helps you protect your data and applications from access, theft and manipulation by third parties. Potential weak points include open ports, expired certificates, failed updates or faulty configurations. plusserver’s Vulnerability Scanner checks the security of your IP-based network systems from an attacker’s perspective and provides a clear report, including troubleshooting tips.

Vulnerability scanner

Vulnerability scanner from plusserver - your benefits at a glance

Modern dashboard

The Vulnerability Scanner summarizes the results of the scans in a clear, graphic way. The current processing status of the scans and the degree of severity of security holes found can be read off at a glance.

Thorough scans

Authenticated and unauthenticated scans with variable test depths ensure that the Vulnerability Scanner does not miss any vulnerabilities. The scans also cover complete network environments as well as all applications and services.

Regular testing

Carry out any number of scans to remain on the safe side at all times. The test routines are always updated automatically to include newly detected vulnerabilities.

Informative report

After each scan, you receive a detailed and clear report of the detected vulnerabilities. The report also contains the proposed solutions.


How our vulnerability scanner works

How a vulnerability scanner works

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