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Managed Oracle Database
(Real Application Cluster)

  • Planung, sizing and setup
  • Highly available cluster
  • Patches and updates
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Managed Oracle Hosting and Service

Does your business software require the use of an Oracle database? No problem: we are happy to help you set up and run an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). Our database administrators help you from the initial concept through to subsequent fine-tuning and upgrades.

Our management includes, among other things, the monitoring of systems – servers, network operation, operating systems, storage, backup and security – as well as the installation of updates and security patches.

Managed Oracle Hosting and Service

Managed Oracle Database from plusserver - your benefits at a glance

Oracle expertise

plusserver handles for you the planning, sizing and setting up a high availability cluster. We also offer migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Smooth operation

Oracle database management: In addition to monitoring the systems, regular patches and updates are carried out.

Performance and availability

Redundant shared storage for data storage meet the highest requirements for performance and availability.

Your Oracle database in the best of hands

The Managed Oracle Service is a highly available clustered database that meets the highest performance requirements. We rely on an Oracle Real Application Cluster, which works on an active/active construct on a common database. The redundant configuration and access to the redundant shared storage systems mean that the environment meets the highest requirements in terms of fail-safe performance and availability.

Through this authentic active/active construct, we avoid a single point of failure and thus increase availability. If a node fails, continued operation is still ensured because all nodes in the cluster reference the same data or database respectively.

Another advantage is the use of the redundant shared storage system, which is accessed as a SAN with fibre channel components. This ensures significantly better I/O performance, which contributes to the high performance that characterises the environment. Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) controls the handling of storage and the effective allocation of resources. This is an important part of Oracle RAC.

Place your trust in the expertise of plusserver for the operation of your Oracle Database Cluster. To ensure a secure and up-to-date status at all times, we regularly update the cluster for you. As part of our monitoring service, we monitor, for example, tablespaces of the ASM disk groups, as well as the storage and the log file.

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Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL?

As open source software, Postgres offers a cost-effective and powerful alternative to an Oracle database. As part of plusdata, we make it easy for you to switch and offer additional Managed Database Services.

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