Magento hosting in the cloud

An ideal combination: Magento managed hosting in the pluscloud

  • In addition to the pluscloud, we also support AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Services covering all aspects of infrastructure and application
  • Performance, cost optimization and maximum scalability

Our expertise for your successful Magento shop

We develop the right infrastructure for your Magento hosting and design your online shop individually to meet your requirements and specifications. In doing so, we also draw on our extensive experience from collaborations with digital agencies with whom we constantly maintain close and cooperative relationships.

As a powerful tool, Magento also requires a corresponding volume of resources. It is therefore necessary to pick a setup that is optimized for this requirement. Public clouds such as pluscloud offer an ideal platform – one which provides a freely scalable quantity of resources, calculated according to consumption.


Magento hosting in the cloud – your benefits at a glance



Whether you use pluscloud, AWS, GCP or Azure – we support you with your existing cloud solution.


High performance

Make the most of our performance optimization with our Magento experts. High performance through optimized setups and selected services.



More than 20 years’ experience with e-commerce solutions.



Magento in the pluscloud means worry-free scalability thanks to almost limitless resources. This means your online shop can react to increasing visitor numbers and peak loads on high sales days.


Fast loading times

pluscloud enables fast loading times, prevents abandoned purchases and thereby leads to improved conversion rates.


Reliable operation

All-round carefree package with 24/7 operation of the infrastructure.



Your data are stored and processed in the pluscloud in German data centers at all times in accordance with the GDPR. Your customers’ sensitive data stay in the EU.


Maximum availability

High availability can be provided by setup across multiple, geo-redundant availability zones.

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