Managed Kubernetes

Easily create and orchestrate container clusters: goodbye complexity, hello automation!

  • Kubernetes at the push of a button: create clusters in no time at all
  • Usage-based billing
  • In the German pluscloud, on AWS or in the Google Cloud

Use Managed Kubernetes to power your digital business

With Managed Kubernetes, you can enjoy the benefits of container technology with ease. Ensure maximum flexibility and portability of your applications, make your IT agile and accelerate and automate your processes. Thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface, you can create your Kubernetes clusters in no time. Scale them freely as needed - at the push of a button on the web or via API. You always pay for your used instances fairly and by the hour. You also remain flexible in your choice of platform: In addition to our DSGVO-compliant pluscloud, we offer managed Kubernetes on AWS and the Google Cloud Platform.

To be, or to be yesterday

Managed Kubernetes from plusserver – your benefits at a glance

As part of pluscontainer, we provide you with Kubernetes clusters in the cloud of your choice and take care of their operation. You get access to the Kubernetes environment and the respective orchestration solution (Rancher, EKS, GKE).


Kubernetes in self-service

Because agile development needs the right infrastructure: Create and scale your Kubernetes clusters quickly and easily using intuitive orchestration software - at the push of a button or via API.


Future-oriented cloud platforms

We offer managed Kubernetes in our open-source-based pluscloud open, the VMware-based pluscloud, on AWS or Google. In this way, we also optimally support multi-cloud strategies.


The shortest innovation cycles

We support you in realizing continuous and automated software development and provision in your company while shortening innovation cycles.


Overview and control

The monitoring of the management systems is carried out by plusserver and we also take care of the recovery in case of capacity problems or failures.


Overview of costs

Resource-based billing ensure that you only pay for what you actually use.


Single point of control

With Rancher as your container orchestration solution, you can centrally manage Kubernetes clusters and authenticate and authorize users.


Container orchestration on the platform of your choice

  • pluscloud
  • Google Cloud Plattform (GCP)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)




With Managed Kubernetes in our pluscloud offerings, you use managed container clusters in our own infrastructure in German data centers - DSGVO compliant and ISO certified. The scope of services on the infrastructure side includes a dedicated control plane and a number of worker nodes. Our monitoring service based on Prometheus and Grafana, including alerting, ensures that your clusters are always available and optimally dimensioned.

Google Cloud Plattform (GCP)



pluscontainer helps you make efficient use of the advantages of container clusters in the Google Cloud Platform, leaving you free from worries about the architecture, operation and optimization.

Our GKE solutions (Google Kubernetes Engine) contain everything you need for successful container use and Kubernetes management. The architecture and the Google products used are based on our best practices.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)



Managed Kubernetes on AWS is a Kubernetes service managed by plusserver to operate your business-critical applications based on AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes service). We leverage best practices to configure the entire environment and make it available to you.

With AWS Kubernetes service you do not have to deal with the wide range of AWS tools on your own. Our EKS Kubernetes clusters provide everything you need to successfully launch your container applications in AWS.

"Kubernetes is currently the leading platform for container orchestration and is also the most popular choice among cloud platform providers. If necessary, we can use Kubernetes in the AWS, Google Cloud or pluscloud. As part of managed Kubernetes, we can also assign routine tasks relating to the Kubernetes clusters to our managed cloud partner, plusserver."

-Daniel Thoma, Head of Technical Operations at Travian Games

Reference Travian Games

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pluscloud open
pluscloud open is a data-sovereign open source cloud. Always keep control of your data and applications at GDPR-compliant cloud locations in Germany and thus secure your ability to innovate.
With pluscloud, we offer you a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Simply use AWS and leave the 24/7 operation of your environment to us - including monitoring and incident handling.
Google Cloud Platform
The Google Cloud offers a wide range of infrastructure, platform and software services. We offer you a plus in management and support services around the clock.
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