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How our multi-cloud tariff supports your digital business

Digital workloads can bring with them very different requirements in terms of the underlying infrastructure. Wouldn’t it be great if your company could simply choose the right cloud for each project, without any contractual or technical hurdles?

Our new tariff paves the way for you to a multi-cloud environment with a free choice of the best cloud platform and components. Utilize resources in the pluscloud and the SCS-based pluscloud open. The same applies for AWS, Microsoft Azure or the Google Cloud – anything goes. Switching from one cloud to another is also possible with, for example, if the conditions of a provider change. Goodbye vendor lock-in!

This means that you have only one contract at all times, a dedicated, easy-to-plan tariff and one point of contact at plusserver who understands you and your business. Our team will also be happy to take care of the technical implementation of your multi-cloud for you.

The power to reinvent ourselves whenever we need to
HIGHLIGHTS – your benefits at a glance



Avoid a commercial lock-in.


Cost control

Plannable monthly budgets.



Use the right cloud at any time.


A good feeling

24/7 support for all clouds.



One transparent contract for all clouds.



A dedicated point of contact who advises on the right solution.


A multi-cloud tariff for your flexible infrastructure


pluscloud – The European cloud

Rent IT resources flexibly. GDPR-compliant in German data centers. Also available as an open source cloud.


AWS – The e-commerce specialist

Consulting, project support and operation by plusserver. 24/7 support, monitoring and troubleshooting.


GCP – AI, big data and machine learning

The right Cloud for data-driven applications and containerized workloads.


Azure – Microsoft Cloud

Azure, Windows Server, Office, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Dynamics Active Directory, .Net and more.

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What monthly tariffs are available?
How do I know which tariff is right for me?
What happens if I over- or undershoot the monthly budget?
Is a flat rate?
Which cloud solutions can I use with
What are the advantages/differences of the individual clouds?


pluscloud v
Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
pluscloud open
pluscloud open is a data-sovereign open source cloud. Always keep control of your data and applications at GDPR-compliant cloud locations in Germany and thus secure your ability to innovate.
Google Cloud Platform
The Google Cloud offers a wide range of infrastructure, platform and software services. We offer you a plus in management and support services around the clock.
Microsoft Azure
The extensive ecosystem of Microsoft Azure brings companies numerous advantages. We take care of the planning, operation and optimization of your public cloud for you.
Multi-Cloud Platform
With centralized multi-cloud management, a broad tool stack and 24/7 tech support, allows you to fully focus on your core business.
Managed Services
Through sequential management levels, we ensure that you can transfer as much control as you want at any time. From pure infrastructure management to complete administration.
Multi-cloud means relying on more than one public cloud provider. Increased performance and fail-safety can be reasons for a multi-cloud.
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