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Your flexible and scalable data backup in the cloud

  • Automatic and regular backup copies
  • Management using GUI or API
  • Calculation of resources based on consumption

Back up your valuable data efficiently and reliably with pluscloud backup

With the pluscloud, we not only offer you flexibly scalable and highly available resources in our certified data centers in Germany. We would also like to support you by ensuring that your data and applications in the cloud are available at all times. An important step along the way is regular data backup. This is done automatically for you with the help of the pluscloud backup.

Certified German data centers

pluscloud Backup from plusserver - your benefits at a glance


Automatic backups

With the pluscloud backup you automatically and regularly create backup copies of your virtual machines in the pluscloud.


All-round security

Since each virtual machine is backed up as a whole, you don’t have to micromanage which backup you need.


Easy management

You can operate the management portal either a via web browser on a graphical interface or directly via API calls.


Billing based on use

We charge the resources used within the pluscloud backup based on actual consumption (on demand), the number of VMs to be backed up and per GB of required storage space.


Strictly separated

We store all backup data logically and physically separated from the pluscloud environment in order to ensure data availability – including geo-redundant storage as an option.


No limits

To ensure your data backup doesn’t fail due to insufficient storage space, your backup storage automatically scales in keeping with your needs.

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