SAP Basis Service

We personally handle the operation of your SAP Basis environment, 24/7

  • SAP Basis operation in the pluscloud, AWS, GCP, or remote
  • On request, in DSGVO-compliant, SAP- and TÜV-certified data centers in Germany
  • Transformation/migration to SAP S/4HANA
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The reliable basis for your business-critical SAP applications

You can rely on our expertise, which we have developed over many years, to operate SAP Basis, ensuring greater efficiency, lowering costs and taking the pressure off your IT team. With our managed service for SAP, you can prepare your company for the future, without expensive investments in new infrastructure, expertise or staff.

We take over the SAP Basis operation for you in the pluscloud, AWS, Google Cloud or in your company (remote). With our pluscloud, we are certified by SAP in three important areas and offer you DSGVO-compliant data storage in German data centers. Our SAP service also covers the entire lifecycle of your environment. Moreover, we accompany you during the SAP transformation and open up a contemporary solution with SAP S/4HANA in the cloud of your choice.

SAP Basis certifications

SAP Basis operation from plusserver – your benefits at a glance

Reduce the pressure on your IT

We deal with increasing complexity, increased support needs and necessary migration to SAP S/4HANA.

SAP expertise

We take over the complete lifecycle management of your SAP environment, including the implementation, operation and optimization of your SAP systems.

Reliable operation

Thanks to high system standards and optimal parameterization, we ensure stable and highly available SAP operation. You also have access to our 24/7 technical support team, 365 days a year in case of malfunction.

Lower costs

As part of our SAP Basis operation, we offer you the option of operating your SAP systems in the cloud. This allows you to use flexibly scalable IT resources without high initial investments.

Personal service

We know our customers and, therefore, provide personal communication, individual support and advice from the beginning of your SAP journey. Find out more about SAP consulting with plusserver.

Advanced security

We check legal changes, security recommendations and system parameterization for you.

Industry solutions

Together with a strong partner network, we can also implement your industry-specific requirements, for example in the healthcare sector.

(Geo-)Redundant locations

With SAP in the German pluscloud, you benefit from SAP- and TÜV-certified data centers, data protection in accordance with DSGVO and optional high-availability solutions.

Migration to SAP S/4HANA

The modern ERP solution and the powerful HANA database promise great things, but the transformation needs to be well planned and executed - we are happy to accompany you.

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In the cloud or remote

We handle the administration and monitoring of SAP Basis for you, which you can choose to operate either within your company or in the cloud. In both cases, our SAP experts ensure its permanent availability and security. In the pluscloud, we also support you with security and monitoring services for the entire cloud infrastructure in order to take even more pressure off your internal IT team. A backup service is also included in the scope of services here.

  • SAP Basis on pluscloud
  • SAP Basis on AWS
  • SAP Basis on GCP
  • SAP Basis remote

SAP Basis on pluscloud

All-round carefree package: operation of your SAP system landscape in the pluscloud

DSGVO-compliant and SAP-certified in German data centers

Full SAP base operation taken over by plusserver

Operation of the database, operating system, hardware, storage and backup

SAP Basis on AWS

Operation of your SAP system landscape in the AWS cloud

plusserver takes over the complete SAP basis operation

SAP Basis on GCP

Operation of your SAP system landscape in the Google cloud

plusserver takes over the complete SAP basis operation

SAP Basis remote

Support for your SAP system landscape in your data centre

You decide on location and platform

Management of the full SAP Basis operation by plusserver


Administration of the database and operating system by plusserver

You remain responsible for the infrastructure


We take care of your SAP lifecycle management

Our complete package – from SAP consulting through to SAP managed service – takes the pressure off your IT team throughout the entire lifecycle of your SAP system landscape.

SAP lifecycle


  • Installation of the SAP system (S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, dialog instance)
  • Support packages
  • Client and system copies
  • Interfaces
  • Archive systems
  • Solution manager


  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Transport management
  • Adaptation of interfaces
  • SAP EarlyWatch
  • Backup & restoration
  • Complete operation and maintenance (SAP Basis)


  • Performance optimization
  • System standards
  • Disaster recovery tests
  • Kernel patches
  • Database reorganization
  • Security
  • Database statistics
  • Automation
  • Upgrades and release changes (including EHP installation, SPS update)
pluscloud v
Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Simply use AWS and leave the 24/7 operation of your environment to us - including monitoring and incident handling.
Google Cloud Platform
The Google Cloud offers a wide range of infrastructure, platform and software services. We offer you a plus in management and support services around the clock.
SAP Consulting
When using your SAP systems, you want optimum stability, scalability and performance. An optimized architecture of your SAP system landscapes contributes to these goals.
Today, the energy industry is very intensively concerned with how large data streams from feed-in, smart metering or grid operation can be managed.
Digitalization is reaching the healthcare sector. Because organizational complexity and thus IT costs are also increasing there from year to year.
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