Container Security

Cloud-Native Container Security

Your efficient monitoring platform for the entire lifecycle of your containers

  • 24/7 security monitoring of your containers
  • End-to-end vulnerability management with scans and admission controls
  • Firewalls and risk assessment

From DevOps to production –
safety without compromise

plusserver and NeuVector, the market leader for full lifecycle container security, offer a complete package: from uncompromising end-to-end protection for DevOps vulnerabilities to firewalls for containers and automated security in container execution. The cloud-native Kubernetes security platform is deployed in the form of containers, just like other workloads, and is compatible with pluscloud, pluscloud open, Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Container Security from NeuVector and plusserver

Container security from plusserver – your advantages at a glance


Better protection

With NeuVector's platform solution, you protect your containers from attacks from internal and external networks. The container firewall identifies and blocks threats to your applications directly. NeuVector detects normal connections and application container behavior and automatically creates a security policy to protect container-based services.


Complete overview

The solution permanently detects suspicious behavior and threatening attacks in order to prevent them directly. In addition, we provide full support for compliance and audit requirements for container projects and network session visualization and capture.


Security around the clock

The container security solution from plusserver and NeuVector is active for you 24/7. Benefit from real-time monitoring with detailed scans and approval checks while you focus on your core business.


Clear dashboard

View current risk assessment and compliance reports quickly, easily, and in real time in the clear, modern dashboard.

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