The Internet of Things in the cloud

Just under 35 billion devices are currently networked, and by 2025 that figure will reach 75 billion. And more and more companies are benefiting from this – including through sophisticated cloud solutions.

In many smart factories, the IoT is already increasing productivity and efficiency: capacity utilization of machines is increasing, downtimes are being reduced, and downstream supply chains are being optimized. Processes are becoming visible and measurable. Many industries will change irrevocably as a result of the networking of machines and goods – and completely new areas of business will open up.

Multi-talent IoT

These business fields are currently emerging in all industries, e.g. thanks to modern features for localization solutions that help protect objects, facilities and properties. This is happening thanks to both static and mobile sensors and 3D technology that can map reality 1:1 for the desired area. Irregularities are quickly detected and trigger an alarm. Alongside industry, customers also include the German armed forces.

Advanced facility management works in a similar way, with intelligent IoT networking giving decision-makers a quick overview of the status of important systems, plants and devices.

And it also works in more trivial ways: for example, an inventory system where the inventory counts itself – on a daily basis.

The hyper-networked world of work

To make full use of the potential of the expansion in interconnection, it must be possible to evaluate – and use – information from numerous machines, plants and systems. A technical challenge that cannot be overcome without reliable infrastructure: on the one hand, huge volumes of data that have to be collected, processed and interpreted – on the other hand, protection of highly sensitive data and applications by appropriate server infrastructure.

Cloud as part of an IoT ecosystem

Key elements of the IoT


These are the basis of the IoT system. With the support of measurement systems and the corresponding connectivity, billions of sensors record everything that happens: the position of freight, stock levels, the condition of machines – and even when and where a specific delivery was scanned.


The data is collected, stored, processed and interpreted in the central computing infrastructure. Large parts of the applications run here too, so the function and reliability of the systems are just as important as data protection and the security of the data and applications.


The application ultimately ensures that the abstract data is turned into processes that can be depicted in a structured way and helpful tools. Complex applications that process large volumes of data require powerful, reliable IT resources with high security and scalability.

The Internet of Things – in the plusserver cloud

Our pluscloud is the ideal infrastructure for all IoT applications: With exclusively proprietary cloud sites in Germany, they offer in addition to performance, service and reliability a high degree of security and data protection in accordance with the GDPR. Save your IT resources and budget too. Instead of investing a lot of capital in hardware, you pay only for what you actually use in the pluscloud.

GFT and plusserver: Combined expertise

Of course, you can migrate your existing IoT platform to our pluscloud. And we would be equally pleased to help you set up an IoT platform. Together with our partner GFT and its sphinx open online IoT platform, we offer an integrated IoT cloud solution. Our customers therefore benefit from combined software and cloud expertise as well as a site with data sovereignty, gaining the peace of mind of not having to worry about anything – from setup to operation of their IoT applications in the cloud.

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